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Messaging is the new means of communication. Amid the instant messaging trend initiated by platforms like WhatsApp, consumers have become addicted to various platforms. One of those tools that has gained traction in the recent past is Telegram. Over the past few months, the platform has gained millions of consumers, with one in four being Indian. Recognizing this trend, ICICI Lombard has become the first non-life insurer to introduce self-service facilities on Telegram via its AI-powered chatbot @ICICI_Lombard_Bot. The Telegram chatbot offers convenient features to customers, for example registering an automobile claim, tracking the status of the claim, renewing an insurance policy, uploading a policy document, changing policy details, among other things.

On another front, the insurer has added a host of services to its directory of installations existing on the WhatsApp platform. With the new services, customers will be able to obtain instant resolution of complaints related to the status of the complaint, download documents for any complaints initiated, initiate a complaint, etc. By introducing these services, the insurer ensured easy access and straightforward interaction with the customer. For example, to register an automobile accident, the user simply needs to enter the vehicle registration number, the date and time of the incident and the location. Any customer can benefit from this service by initiating a conversation on WhatsApp at 7738282666.

The user-friendly services of these popular instant messaging platforms will allow users to access essential insurance needs without contact and at their fingertips.

Commenting on the occasion, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director of ICICI Lombard, said: “Communication and customer service have undergone a significant change in recent years. The consumer demand of today’s new era is instant resolution and contactless support. At ICICI Lombard, we constantly strive to stay one step ahead in terms of understanding the changing needs of consumers and introducing innovative solutions accordingly. Our AI-enabled chatbot introduced on Telegram and the addition of new services on WhatsApp is a step in that direction. We believe these steps will empower our clients and ensure they get a top-notch experience in their insurance journey.

Some of the different services offered on messaging platforms include tracking claims status, downloading active policies, renewing existing insurance coverage, changing personal policy information, etc. Customers can even locate the nearest ICICI Lombard branch and affiliated hospitals and garages based on the customer’s current location. .

ICICI Lombard, as a technology-driven insurance company, has spearheaded the integration of new age tools to meet the changing consumer base. It leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide 24-hour contactless support through platforms such as its ILTakeCare app.

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