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iMe Messenger is an unofficial Telegram client powered by its API.

Fast, smart, powerful, private, cloud-based, secure.

User authorization, data transfer and storage is done through Telegram’s servers.

Privacy and security are fully guaranteed by the Telegram platform.

iMe Messenger uses the Telegram environment for the development of additional functions and the training of Neurobots (chat assistants).

Users install iMe Messenger to use the new features and all the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) without losing their social circle and the usual quality of Telegram messaging.

iMe Messenger helps users sort their chats by organizing them by tabs and folders.

Convenient channel lists allow users to quickly find and subscribe to needed channels on different topics. Neurobots save you time and make communication more exciting.

Additional features:
– Automated sorting of discussions by Unread, Personal, Group, Channels, Chat-bots, All chats;
– Discussion group in files;
– Neurobots-assistants providing users with sentences as answers;
– Neurobots market with different categories of assistants;
– Lists of telegram channels;
– Integrated message translator;

Character Neurobots offer you ready-made phrases in their styles and manners so you can respond to a message in a chat. If an incoming message isn’t suitable for a certain neurobot, it simply won’t offer you its variant response.

The more different neurobots you add to your chats, the more unique the responses to the more messages they can offer.

A neurobot reacts to the last incoming message, and if that message matches its subject, the neurobot is activated.

You can also use the Reply function for a previous incoming message to apply your neurobot to the sentence.

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