India among top 5 nations spending most time on mobile apps, average 4.8 hours per day: report


India, South Korea and Mexico were ranked among the top five countries spending the most time on mobile apps, according to data released by research firm App Annie. On average, Indians spent 4.8 hours per day on mobile apps.

Compared to the previous quarter, consumers in 12 countries spent more than 4 hours per day on mobile apps in the quarter ended in September, an increase from eight countries. Looking at the list, Indonesia was ranked first with an estimated 5.5 hours per day usage on mobile apps and is followed by Brazil with an estimated 5.4 hours.

Dominance of smartphones among consumers

Other countries on the list included Japan, Canada, Russia, the United States, Turkey, Australia, and the United Kingdom

App Annie mentioned in a blog that the numbers reveal the dominance of the “mind” of the smartphone among consumers around the world, especially those in developing countries.

Among other apps, the TikTok short video maker platform was the most downloaded app in the last quarter of September. It had a total of 1 billion active users. According to data revealed by App Annie, one in eight people worldwide uses TikTok every month, The Hindu reported.

Other widely used social apps were WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, and video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams.

According to App Annie’s previous estimate, in the first six months of this year, about half of the time users spent on mobile was consumed by social media apps.

On the other hand, the daily time spent watching TV fell from 3 hours a day to 2.5 hours a day in 2021, ten years ago.

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