Is it acceptable or not to place a desktop computer on the floor?


Most people who own desktop computers tend to have the case with the power supply placed on the floor. We rarely see a home setup where the case is sitting on a desk or anything else that isn’t the floor. The question is, should computers be placed on the floor in the first place ? Well, there’s no problem doing that, but it all depends on the situation, and that’s the key.

Is it acceptable or not to place a desktop computer on the floor?

Do not place your PC on a carpet

Many people have carpet these days. Some people think this is a better option than a hard surface floor because it creates a cushion effect that better prevents joint injuries. Not only that, but mats can also prevent back pain.

Also, if you want to reduce noise, having a mat will solve these problems because of the padding it provides.

Now, as to why users shouldn’t place their desktop computers on the carpet, well, a lot of them these days have small feet due to the vents on the bottom. Older cases usually had no vents, and as such could sit flat while relying on vents on the sides and back to stay cool.

If you place your modern desktop computer case on a thick, plush carpet by design, the vents below will be blocked, which could then cause overheating.

In a situation where you have a short carpet, the computer could survive very well, but it will all depend on the size of the feet to keep it off the carpet with enough room to support good air circulation.

Desktops will pick up more dust off the floor

If you have your PC on a hard floor, there is a good chance that this floor will accumulate dust and this dust will enter your computer. We should clarify that dust will get into your computer no matter where you put it, but on the floor, there’s a greater chance that your desktop computer will suck in more dust than ever.

So what can you do? Well, you will need to clean inside and around your desktop regularly. Since it’s not a laptop, we’re guessing it’s much easier to pull off. From there, get an air compressor and physically clean your computer, mouse, and keyboard.

In conclusion

As it stands, we can therefore say with certainty that putting your desktop on the floor does not harm the hardware. However, please avoid carpets and make sure the unit is cleaned regularly, preferably once a week if you can find the time.

We wouldn’t recommend the floor if you have other options. But since not everyone can afford a desk or specialized hardware designed for computers, the floor will always be the first choice.

Still, it must be said that a computer that generates little power is perfect for the floor instead of a gaming rig.

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What is a desktop computer?

OK, so a desktop computer is a computer designed to fit on or under a desk. These computers rely on the use of peripherals for interaction. The devices in question are usually a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Very different from a laptop where all the key components are in one package and can be moved around easily.

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Can a laptop be used as a desktop computer?

In some situations, yes. For example, laptops with screens larger than 17 inches are generally considered desktop replacements due to their size. Also, if you connect a keyboard, mouse, and external monitor to a regular laptop, then it is classified as a desktop computer.

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Why is a desktop computer better than a laptop?

A desktop computer with similar parts to a laptop tends to perform better because the desktop comes with full sized parts, which in most cases are more powerful. This is most noticeable with CPUs and GPUs, so if you want the best possible performance, we suggest looking to a desktop rather than a laptop.


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