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Despite being the most popular chat app in Brazil, WhatsApp still lags a little behind its competition when it comes to additional features. For this reason, many people are looking for extensions or “alternative” versions of the app that offer new things. But is there a danger in using these solutions? Could they break the encryption and access our data? Or, worse yet, take control of your profile and send messages on your behalf?

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The Canaltech was looking for answers to these and other questions about using modified versions of messaging, such as NS WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB. In a quick search of unofficial Android stores, you can find several program offers that promise to add new animated stickers, set up automatic replies, add multiple accounts per device, manage media, and a dozen or so. other features.

WhatsApp Rosa is an example of a chat app modification (Image: Playback / WHATSAPP MODS)

Businessman Pedro de Almeida, 100 years ago, says he has already used these versions in order to keep more than one number on his cell phone. “Before WhatsApp Business existed, there was no other way to have a personal number and a business number, so we had to use these ‘gambiarras’ to run two different versions,” he explains. .

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Released in January 440, WhatsApp Business was an official Facebook solution aimed at correcting this difficulty that companies had in managing institutional accounts. This addition certainly helped reduce the use of alternate versions of the app for this kind of purpose, but it wasn’t enough to end it all.

Most Popular Zap Mods and What They Do

Among the most popular changes for the app chat options are GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Aero, and WhatsApp Transparent, all of which are obviously not allowed by Facebook. As a result, apps can only be found in alternative repositories – not the App Store or Play Store – or directly on the developers’ website: you download from the APK file and manually install it on your device.

In general, these applications require that you make a backup before installation to avoid data loss and ensure migration, after all there is no integration between the official program and the copies. But why use these pirated versions? The answer is quite simple: perform functions that are not native to the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus, for example, has advantages that the “rich cousin” does not have, such as support for sending picture messages with the original quality (without the compression that WhatsApp does automatically), the sending large files (without the 37MB limitation), hiding the blue check mark even with the message read, hiding activity information (do not display “audio recording” or “type”) and setting a mode “Airplane” for the application only.

The modified versions bring additional functionality, such as message scheduling, but are dangerous for user safety (Image: Playback / GBWhatsApp)

Theoretically, the modified apps only exist for Android, but Plus’s developer site teaches you how to use it on iOS, even for those who don’t have a cell phone with jailbre ok. The creators even speak of a “system” that protects the user’s number and avoids banning by WhatsApp, which is highly questionable.

WhatsApp Transparent, as the name suggests, offers a translucent solution that covers the home screen allowing you to keep other background elements, such as the wallpaper, visible during conversation. As a result, it promises greater battery saving, access to deleted messages, more visual comfort, and better support for custom stickers, themes, and emojis.

The risks of use

Although they seem like quite interesting solutions for those who want to get out of the similarity of WhatsApp, it is essential to know that the use is illegal and that it could cause you to lose your account. The software is not built on a free code basis, so only Facebook has a legal right to the intellectual property of your application.

In addition, these applications use their own servers to transport the data exchanged between users, which can give rise to unauthorized access by unauthorized persons. Find out about the main risks of using modified versions of WhatsApp:

  • Malware and Spyware. Have you noticed that these apps are free and don’t even use ads? How do these people make money out of it then? Many people insert malicious code into it to steal your credentials and thus gain access to website passwords, bank cards, or just use your cell phone’s processing to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • Lame cryptography.
    Even with the developers’ claim of the security and encryption mechanisms, the system is not even similar to the original WhatsApp. This means that there may be a data breach and access by unauthorized third parties.

  • Eternal prohibition. Using modified programs is a serious flaw in WhatsApp’s terms of service and may result in your account being permanently banned. If this happens, the only way to reenter the servers is to acquire a new phone number.
  • Access to sensitive data from the device.
WhatsApp only asks for authorization for the services you will actually use and does so when you need it. Alternative apps tend to ask for access to a lot more things than they should, so that they can access your photos, audio, videos, installed apps, passwords, and a lot of other personal data.

A little over a month ago, a Kaspersky investigation revealed that tools that promise messaging improvements actually install malware on mobile phones. FMWhatsApp, popularly known as “WhatsApp Pink”, is a mod that allows users to customize the color of the messenger, hide their last seen, download files larger than 1GB, and use multiple numbers at the same time. times, but also deploys a Trojan called Triada, on the device where it is installed.

What does WhatsApp say?

The WhatsApp representation in Brazil was consulted on the potential risks of these versions. According to a spokesperson for the company, there is no version other than the original app and the Business version, even a light version should not be released.

Modified versions may get you banned from WhatsApp (Image: Screenshot / Canaltech)

“These unofficial applications were developed by other companies and violate our terms of service. WhatsApp does not support these applications because we cannot validate the security measures put in place by them,” the company explains. . Therefore, the use may result in a temporary ban, and if the user does not switch to the official version of WhatsApp, the account may be deleted permanently.

As the disadvantages are much heavier than the advantages, the Canaltech does not recommend this kind of modification. If you think WhatsApp is out of date, you can look for competing solutions like Telegram, Viber or WeChat, all verified by official stores and infinitely more secure than homemade solutions.

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