Launch of Snapchat Web for all users worldwide


In mid-July, Snapchat announced to much fanfare the launch of its web app, which marked the platform’s first foray beyond the mobile environment.

At that time, the ability to browse, post, or interact with the app’s communication tools from a desktop device was restricted to paid subscribers. Today, that has changed.

Snapchat launches its paid version: It’s what it costs and it won’t remove ads

This Thursday, the social network announced that Snapchat for the web will be available to all users of the service worldwide with various messaging, video chat and filter functions.

Without a doubt, this is an extension that could improve the experience of many users who favor the use of social networks from larger screens accompanied by a physical keyboard that can facilitate writing for many occasions.

Snapchat web is characterized by a basic interface, where although we do not have all the tools, resources and functions that we can have in the mobile version, we can make audio and video calls as well as send photos with a few filters.

In relation to the demand that this new version of Snapchat will have in the coming months, it is possible that the platform will add new features; however, for now a bet seems clear.

Snapchat and its commitment to video calling

With the ability to make audio and video calls from the web version, Snapchat could improve its invested user time metric and, therefore, provide new capitalization options.

Although most of us understand Snapchat to be the gold standard for AR communication, according to the service’s messaging product manager, Nathan Boyd, the platform’s primary use is still messaging and chatting. calls.

In fact, according to Boyd, more than 100 million Snapchat calls are logged every month, so this new desktop app could benefit from the trend.

Now the competition is sung for services not only like Telegram, Discord or WhatsApp which also have a similar web alternative. Zoom and company are added to the equation.


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