Legends Battle launches 3D NFT Multiverse web game


Wroclaw, Poland, January 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) Based on the PVE, you can evolve your character with your crypto friends and drop items, spells and NFT Legendsbattle items during dungeon battles . As a result, you will trade them for better ones in a decentralized way or even earn money directly through any NFT marketplace.

The technical side of Legends Battle

Legends Battle uses both a centralized and decentralized gateway to access the game. First, log in and login to Legends Battle World, a main game server written in C language that links your decentralized NFTs from your wallet to the server while you play.

When you log into the game with your wallet, you are redirected to the game lobby specific thread process instance through a proxy server (the Legends Battle town you spawn on). You can then form groups with your friends and enter the mine to fight. Then, a new instance will be generated to manage your activities and fights.

When you log out of the Legends Battle online game world, you can collect all your goods under NFT forms that our back-end system streams and sends. As a result, you will have full control over the centralized management of the game as well as complete decentralization over your in-game properties, which you will own for the rest of your life.

The game economy

Legends Battle lets you have fun and play to win. You can reap the benefits in the form of real money, not just points like in other games, which makes the game even more exciting. There are two currencies in the ecosystem. They can be used for trade or exchange on decentralized platforms such as Pancakeswap.

The first token is the LBT coin (LegendsBattle coin). The game deployed it on the Binance Smart Chain as the base crypto for chain payments. Users can also use it in special packs, special NFT sale events, and trade on exchanges.

The other token is the Legends Battle Shard which is the in-game currency. Users can use it to buy and sell NFT in-game properties in the online market using your wallet.

About Legends Battle

Legends Battle is a blockchain-based NFT 3D multiverse web game. Legends Battle seeks to be an innovative 3D online cooperative game that uses blockchain and crypto-economy. At the same time, it allows players to own their goods and earn money while having fun with trading and trading between users, which has always been around in MMORPGs. Find out more about Legends Battle at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/legends__battle

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/legendsbattle

Medium: https://medium.com/@legendsbattletoken

Discord: https://discord.com/users/legendsbattle#9968

Telegram: https://t.me/LegendsBattle

Gitbook: https://legendsbattle.gitbook.io/legends-battle-whitepaper



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