Man charged with conspiracy of terrorist attack on mosque


A man has been tried for instigating an attack on a mosque.

Sam Imrie has been accused of posting statements on the Internet platform Telegram stating that he was planning to broadcast live footage of “an incident” and of posting statements suggesting he was going to carry out an attack against the Islamic Fife Center in Glenrothes.

The 24-year-old is charged with possession of weapons and is said to have acquired knives, nunchucks, a hammer, a baseball bat, a rifle scope and gasoline, which he described as “arsenal” , between June 20 and July 4, 2019.

At a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh on Friday, he was also charged with possession of neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim material and extreme pornography, including indecent pictures of children and a picture involving a human corpse .

Imrie denies all nine charges against him – three of which fall under the terrorism law.

The court heard that Imrie allegedly went to the Fife Islamic Center at Poplar Road, Glenrothes, where he made tapes on his phone to “make observations” of the area while in possession of a petrol can.

Jurors learned that he made several attempts to gain access to the center and posted statements on Telegram that he was going to carry out an attack on the building.

He is also believed to have deliberately set fire to a door and entrance hall at Strathore Lodge and a gravestone at St Drostan Cemetery, Markinch, Fife.

The court heard that Imrie was also found in possession of audio and text files that “glorified terrorism” and works including “The Great Replacement” by Brenton Tarrant – which killed 51 people in two mosques in Nova Scotia. Zealand in 2019 – and “2083 A European Declaration of Independence” by Anders Breivik, which killed 69 people on the Norwegian island of Utoya in 2011.

Among other charges, Imrie allegedly drove under the influence of drugs and alcohol in July 2019.

The trial, before Lord Mulholland, continues.

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