Metarun Open Beta is Here: How to Prepare for the New Web 3.0 P2E Game

  • Pioneering P2E multiplayer runner game MetaRun is exploding onto the gaming scene with the launch of Open Beta, NFTs, Mysteries of 9999 Genesis, and Whitelisting Event.

British Virgin Islands, September 23, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, metarunthe world’s first P2E multiplayer racing game, is set to launch this fall, with an official release date set for September 27, 2022. In honor of its release, the team behind the game is hosting exclusive whitelist events with limited slots available for new community members.

Open beta launch imminent

After several months of testing, development and gameplay improvements, the game is ready to be played by the general public as part of an “Open Beta Launch”. The open beta will give the general public the opportunity to play, enjoy and win in the game with all its unique features integrated into the game. These features include the live market, a full suite of unique 3D NFT characters and access to its unparalleled game economy.

To join the open beta tests, the community is invited to participate in its Genesis NFT whitelist event to take advantage of a unique opportunity to purchase Metartun’s 3D NFT Characters at a discounted price.

Metarun 9999 Genesis Mysteries & Whitelisting Event

The Metarun 9999 Genesis NFT Mystery sale will be the first time Metarun’s unique 3D NFT set will be available to the public for purchase. This means that those who have the privilege of owning one of these NFTs will be able to either play the game or trade their NFTs on the open market.

In honor of its launch, metarun is also planning an exclusive whitelist event for members of its Discord community to access exclusive NFTs and more. Additionally, during a limited-time pre-release period, players can experience the game for free but without its ecosystem of crypto-gamers will have to wait for the official release for the full experience.

Two whitelist events have been launched: a general whitelist for the Genesis NFT Mystery sale and a Metarun NFT Pass with amazing benefits. To participate in these events, the community will need to complete certain tasks and have a chance to win a guaranteed spot in the limited whitelist event

Official launch date

With a release date set for September 27, 2022, the game’s team and players are excited for its official launch. This follows a $4 million private funding round led by industry leaders including Genblock Capital, InnMind Capital, Moonrock Capital, Magnus, AU21, X21, Oddiyana Ventures, among others, proving positive sentiment for release of the game and confidence in its success. For crypto and gaming fans, this season’s game offers something completely new in Web 3.0 and gaming.

About Metarun

MetaRun is the world’s first P2E multiplayer mobile racing game with NFT assets. Built on Unreal Engine 5, powered by BNB Channel. Metarun’s stunning graphics and storyline bring together the best of traditional gaming experience and blend it seamlessly with state-of-the-art encryption technology.

The game’s internal economic system runs on its native token $MRUN and virtual currency OPAL and allows users to play to earn and purchase in-game items and character skins as NFTs through the native cross-chain market.

Metarun has a slew of unique characters with upgradable NFT skins, which differ in prices and ROI players will receive. The open beta will see 3 characters available with more to be added soon.

Anyone interested in this exciting new game development can register at whitelist now on the official MetaRun Discord channel and follow the steps to pre-register.

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