Mommy’s hell at the hands of UK’s worst sex blackmailer on web who has targeted nearly 2,000 victims


A young mother who was one of nearly 2,000 people targeted by a sex freak on the Web has vowed to help “every other woman” whose lives he has ruined.

Tayla Blake, 24, has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to reveal how she was raped by evil blackmailer Abdul Hasib Elahi, The Mirror Reports.

The deformed 26-year-old man was jailed last week for 32 years at Birmingham Crown Court after targeting women across the world, including nearly 200 in the UK.

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Jobless and penniless, he had prowled the internet posing as a wealthy benefactor – tricking women into sending him compromising images which he then used to force them to commit degrading acts on camera.

Beautician Tayla told the Sunday Mirror that she was in desperate need of money after fleeing domestic violence and turned to a “sugar daddy” website as she struggled to feed her son.

Just two days after signing up, she was contacted by Elahi, who texted as she put the boy to bed.

Elahi, formerly of Sparkhill, was posing as a London doctor called Joe Parker.

She said, “Her photo showed a handsome middle-aged man.

“He said he wanted a slave and master relationship with me and he would pay me £ 800. He never said it would be naked at first.

“He said to have me as a slave he would need a picture of my ID and for me to make a nude video stating that I was ‘owned’ giving my name and address.

Abdul Hasib Elahi, 26 years old

“He put the pressure on. I thought, I need the money…”

In the hours that followed, Elahi coerced Tayla into sending a series of degrading videos, promising her £ 800 which would pay off her debts.

She remembers, “I felt like I was being tortured, even though he was not there with me. He stripped me naked, giving him my address within an hour.

“All I wanted was to feed myself and my son and have stability. He knew exactly what he was doing all the time.”

Elahi paid him nothing – then sold the pictures and his personal data to online contacts. It ended up being shared on several X rated adult sites that are free to everyone.

The court heard that Elahi had sold more than £ 25,000 of blackmailed content in sick “boxes”, including on the encrypted Telegram app.

He was jailed after admitting 158 charges in separate hearings.

Besides forcing them to mistreat themselves in sickening ways, including self-harm, he blackmailed some women – not Tayla – to send pictures of themselves abusing young children and forced girls abuse their siblings. His terrified victims felt they had no choice but to comply.

Tayla Blake from Derbyshire, one of the victims of convicted online blackmailer Abdul Hasib Elahi.

Its 72 known victims were eight months old into adulthood.

Before being targeted, Tayla lived in a secure home for victims of domestic violence, but had moved into social housing and had problems with bills. She was making around £ 100 a week in a salon, but even with income support she sometimes had to rely on food banks.

She says of Elahi’s approach: “To some people £ 800 might not seem like a lot, but to me at the time it was.

“We had nothing more. As a parent you will do anything.

When he made contact in April 2018, she had miscarried at 19 weeks and “was not thinking well”. Tayla says, “The extent of his crimes makes me sick. He put my things there and I didn’t know where or who had seen them.

“I didn’t want to go out. I quit social media, I locked myself in – I didn’t exist. The worst part is he’s still here and there’s nothing I can do. She recounted how a friend suggested that she sign up for Seeking Arrangements to help pay her rent and her debts. Tayla explains, “They said you don’t have to sleep with the men, just send a weird photo. It seemed simple.

Elahi texted him around 8 p.m. one night. She followed his initial instructions but he withheld the payment.

Over the next 10 hours, he demanded that she send him a series of videos.

She recalls, “He sent me videos of other girls doing these things and said I had to do them as punishment.

“It was humiliating, but I thought only he would see them. I needed the money, I felt I had to keep going.

“He kept me awake until 8 am. I kept saying that I was tired and my son went to nursery in the morning, but he told me that if I stopped I would have nothing.

After her demands ended and no money appeared, the trauma of the violation began to set in. Tayla reported Elahi to the police – but said he was told they could not find him because he had used a “burner phone”.

Days later, she was devastated to learn from a friend that the pictures – and its details – were on a porn site.

She says, “There were at least 70 pictures of me and loads of videos.

“I felt sick and ashamed. I requested that the images be deleted, but they would be uploaded again later.

“People I knew started texting me. My Instagram profile had been attached to the images.

Someone told Tayla’s parents, who called right away. She said, “I broke and told them everything. They could not have been more united.

In the weeks that followed, she quit her job. She said, “I was embarrassed. I became depressed and my financial situation got worse. Then, in early 2019, she received a visit from the National Crime Agency. Elahi was arrested in December 2018 for alleged blackmail of a 15-year-old teenager in the United States.

Officers seized her cell phone and computers and identified Tayla among her victims.

She said, “I was horrified. They asked me if I should testify against him. I said yes – this monster had literally seen everything about me and I had no idea who he was.

Elahi had attempted to contact 1,367 women in the United States – and was found to have victims in 20 other countries, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In an investigation crossing several foreign jurisdictions, he was indicted and remanded in custody in August 2020. He admitted 158 crimes he committed between January 1, 2017 and August 7, 2020.

They include blackmail, disclosure of private sex films and photographs to cause distress, making and distributing indecent images of children, sexual assault of a boy, incitement to assault sexual abuse, incitement or inducement of children to engage in sexual activity, fraud and possession of over 65,000 indecent images of children, including raped babies.

Judge Sarah Buckingham described him as “the worst type of predator ever identified”.

Tony Cook, NCA Sexual Abuse Affairs Officer, said: “Elahi is a depraved sadist who has obtained sexual gratification through the power and control of the victims – whom he has often goaded to the point of wanting to kill himself. .

“He destroyed lives and families. Investigators were horrified by what he had done and stunned by the industrial scale of his offense.

“The effects on victims will continue throughout their lives. “

Tayla bravely confronted Elahi in court to read a victim impact statement before he was sentenced.

She said: “In a way, talking to him helped me find closure – but I still felt he was feeding off our misery. He showed no remorse.

She has now found solace in two of Elahi’s other victims, aged 22 and 23, who also spoke during his sentencing.

She says, “The things he made us do are so degrading that we find it hard to discuss them with anyone else. We find other victims to form a large support group.

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