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A good percentage of people, regardless of their age, would have at least one story to tell due to the influence of social media. The new Malayalam web series “Mr. and Mrs.” highlights such incidents. Directed by technician-turned-filmmaker Baburaj Asariya, the web series revolves around the life of a family and how a Facebook post uploaded by one of the members causes obstacles in their lives. The web series launched with a 12 minute pilot episode. The video, which was recently posted by actor Govind Padmasoorya and content creator Karthik Shankar via their official Facebook page, has already reached over 1.5 million views.

The Mr. and Mrs. introduce the family of Dineshan and Shobha played by actors Visakh Karunakaran and Sandhya Raj S. Problems in the family begin when their child goes missing and Dineshan’s brother-in-law posts about the missing on the platforms social media.

Visakh Karunakaran is the screenwriter. He claims it was a Herculean task as it was his first attempt to experience full-length comedy. “The whole episode is scripted. My friend had a similar experience in his life two years ago where his son went missing and was later found. I developed this serious business by adding comedy. Since my previous works were about dark subjects, I was apprehensive about the comedy elements incorporated into it. But when I saw my brother, Vivek KG, who is also the editor of the project, making fun of certain scenes in the editing room, I gained confidence in myself. Although he has a good sense of humor, when it comes to work he’s pretty serious, ”says Visakh, who contributed many segments in the video that is sure to tickle funny bones.

Vishak chose comedy for his new web series to provide relief to many people struggling with the pandemic. “We are all going through a difficult phase in life and wanted to cheer on viewers,” Vishak said.
The video is produced by the director himself under his own production house Collective Frames. According to Baburaj, who has won numerous national and international film festival awards, the video is also an attempt to motivate artists and filmmakers like him during the pandemic.

“Digital platforms are a boon for us. By telling a simple story and using a few artists, I have woven this series. It is also my first attempt to explore comic subjects, ”adds Baburaj. According to the team, The Mr and Mrs series will also be dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. “The next episodes of the series will be uploaded to one of the popular digital media YouTube channels and will see more new characters,” Baburaj said.



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