Multi-device support for the WhatsApp app spotted in the latest desktop beta

  • You may soon be able to log into your WhatsApp account on multiple devices.
  • The feature has been flagged as “under development” in the beta version of WhatsApp for Desktop.
  • Earlier last month, the CEO of WhatsApp revealed that the company was working on supporting multiple devices.

Multi-device whatsapp support is getting closer to reality, with the feature spotted in the latest desktop beta. This feature has been in the works for several months now, and now it looks like the Facebook-owned messaging service is finally gearing up to roll it out.

According to a survey of
WABetaInfo – which follows upcoming WhatsApp features – the desktop client beta has been updated with code for multi-device support, but it’s still under development. This means that the feature has not been activated yet, so you will have to wait for it for now.

A screenshot of the beta version of WhatsApp for DesktopWABetaInfo

Earlier in June, the CEO of WhatsApp confirmed that three new features will be available soon. The list includes support for multiple devices except voice and web video calls, and JioMart integration.

Naturally, the multi-device functionality is the more difficult of the three – voice calls over the web are already available, and the JioMart integration is also live.

Once online, WhatsApp for Desktop will allow users to log in on a new device by clicking the “Link New Device” button.

Currently, WhatsApp does not allow users to use the same account on different devices, a feature that has been available for some time on Telegram. Telegram allows users to log in to a secondary device by sending a one-time password (OTP) to the first device, in addition to allowing users to log in by scanning QR codes, like WhatsApp does.

WhatsApp will soon allow you to send high quality photos and videos

WhatsApp expands its feature set by adding an option to send high quality photos and videos.

Once online, the feature will allow users to choose between best quality and data saver. This would allow you to send better quality photos and videos so you don’t have to worry about WhatsApp compressing ruining them.

For now, a workaround for sending high quality photos and videos is to choose the “Document” option while uploading. This prevents WhatsApp from compressing the media. However, you might not have to do this for long if these download options pass WhatsApp’s tests and are added in a future update.


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