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Bicester, UK, July 26 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global demand for structured, high-quality medical data continues to grow. Medical data is arguably some of the most valuable information because of its importance in accelerating medical research and improving healthcare outcomes. On the one hand, electronic medical records are claimed to be an industry worth nearly $27 billion, which means pharmaceutical companies are already paying for massive datasets from private labs, medical insurance, hospitals, etc. But on the other hand, pharmaceutical companies lose huge sums of money to data tampering and hacking every year – medical data breaches can cost healthcare companies $3-7 million per incident, while the The black market for medical data is huge – in 2021, 45 million people fell victim to health data attacks. Finally, a single medical record can cost up to $1,000 on the black market. Thus, ordinary people, patients, lose not only their private information, but also money.

In pursuit of the goal of respecting the interests of ordinary people, who are the true owners of the data, DeHealth is pleased to announce a cooperation with Chainlink. This new partnership will accelerate the development of the DeHealth ecosystem, combining Chainlink’s decentralized oracles and the DHLT network, providing a consistent and secure source of market data for smart contracts.

Chainlink, the industry standard oracle network for connecting smart contracts to the real world, is one of DeHealth’s strategic technical partners helping to build a secure, reliable and scalable DeHealth application and DHLT network for storing data. decentralized data. DHLT Network is an EVM-based private blockchain with a blockchain-agnostic proof-of-authority consensus mechanism. DHLT Network makes health data profitable and life-saving with the help of global AI and DeHealth application based on medical data and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Users will be able to share, manage and monetize their data with the dApp. User transactions within the dApp, made using our DHLT token, will support their health while selling their anonymized data – these savvy individuals can receive passive and fair income.

Dealing with medical data, the healthcare industry’s most sensitive and valuable asset, DeHealth prioritizes secure data storage by complying with data protection and data security standards, including the Data Privacy Act. data protection, GDPR, HIPAA and data protection law. High-level cybersecurity of the app and the data it contains is provided by the in-house development team as well as independent experts such as Hacken, who have performed a smart contract code review and an audit report. security analysis for DHLT Network.

Chainlink will facilitate the provision of certain on-chain random data from selected node operators directly to the DeHealth smart contract using external adapters. External adapters provide access to high quality data and provide extreme flexibility to connect smart contracts to premium web APIs, and are already used in highly reliable and secure oracle networks that secure over 3B+ in the DeFi economy.

To be specific, DeHealth will use:

  1. Chainlink Keepers to automate revenue distribution when DeHealth helps sell de-identified medical data, as well as DHLT distribution, post-filling of user data for promotional and marketing activities, and a referral program. Chainlink Keepers is a decentralized transaction automation solution that allows smart contracts to outsource regular maintenance tasks in a highly reliable, low-trust, and cost-effective way.
  2. Chainlink Price Feeds to set rates to display in different fiat currencies on the front-end. Chainlink price feeds are the fastest way to connect smart contracts to real asset prices in the global market. They allow smart contracts to retrieve the latest price of an asset in a single call.

This integration of the DHLT network and Chainlink ensures that DeHealth smart contracts are secure, reliable and verifiable randomness. In addition, this cooperation will significantly improve incoming data, thereby improving DeHealth AI to better analyze symptoms and predict disease.

Chainlink is one of many companies highlighting the decentralization of healthcare. This collaboration accelerates the transformation of DeHealth into a standard in the collection, processing, storage and monetization of medical data, and will most likely accelerate the development of MedFi, a privacy-first, integrated by DeHealth.

About DeHealth

DeHealth is an international brand and association of companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom and research centers in Israel, the United States and New Zealand.

DeHealth’s mission is to make healthcare more efficient by creating a web3 platform for medical data and to provide equal access to medicines for everyone, regardless of country and income level. Thus, a DeHealth – AI & Medical Data-Based Mobile App was developed. It is a decentralized application (dApp) that allows users to securely and autonomously store their medical data in storage, share it, manage it and even monetize it using the DHLT token, supporting their health while selling their anonymized data. More than 35,000 doctors, 3,200,000 patients and 650 hospitals already trust DeHealth with their health problems.

All the tools needed by the user to easily and securely sell their data provide DHLT Network – decentralized storage for health data and digital assets, data oracles protocol and incentive layer. The role of the DHLT protocol is to digitize and secure global health data for everyone. The repository receives daily clinical, medical and personal data, and these data concerning the health status of people (users) are anonymized, structured and networked.

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