Namibia: Apps drive business


These days, there seems to be an app for everything. Every product or service has been turned into an app and the world can’t seem to function without them. Just five to 10 years ago we didn’t have apps, we would go to a website if we needed anything, or physically go to a store and talk to someone or maybe call on the phone to a helpline. It is worth considering why apps are so popular and an integral part of our world.

An app is not only a “nice to have” for a company, it has major advantages. A mobile app can help users get to content faster as information loads faster, give you insight into customer behavior, and enable direct engagement with customers. Additionally, a mobile app can improve customer service and keep up with the latest trends. They can facilitate more sales and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

By developing a deep understanding of your customer base, an app can create targeted messages that will grab their attention and keep them coming back for more. At a more basic level, if we look at Namibia, more people have access to the internet through a smartphone than through an actual computer. This means that accessing products or services through an app becomes almost the only way to access goods and services.

Almost everyone who has a cell phone has it with them 24/7, it has become an extension of the person. This is even more the case with smartphones and there is a reason for this, apps. Simply put, WhatsApp is an app, just like Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram, but there are many other apps that bring lots of benefits.

Mobile apps load quickly: Mobile apps load faster than websites, so your customers can get the information they need right away, saving them valuable airtime. Users can quickly load and receive information on their mobile devices, getting the feedback, gratification or instant results we need and crave in today’s world.

However, on the organizational side, there are also a multitude of advantages. The valuable data that can be collected from your users and how they use the application can improve the delivery of products and services. From tracking how customers use your app and for how long, which features they interact with, and which pages they visit most often. You can interact directly with customers and offer live chat, FAQs, and appointment scheduling. All of this valuable data can help refine marketing strategy and improve overall user experience. This information can help make decisions about future application development, improve the business and make it future-proof.

Ultimately, all businesses need to make a profit and by developing a mobile app, a business can tap into a whole new market or expand their market share and achieve more conversions and higher order values. Accessing a product or service through a mobile phone as a customer is almost instantaneous, the convenience factor is what sells it. People are always on the go and don’t have time to wait for a desktop computer to load, or frankly, like in Namibia, often don’t have access to a desktop computer. The app helps build a relationship with them and keeps them coming back for more.

Mobile apps offer many benefits that can help boost business and it is still in its infancy. Deciding to develop and create an app for your organization is the sensible thing to do and can turn the smallest business into a powerhouse that is unconstrained by location, region, or physical presence. It can really take your organization to the next level.


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