New WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows 11 spotted



WhatsApp has long been rumored to work on a new WhatsApp desktop app for Windows, and today Alumie managed to retrieve a leaked copy of the app, presumably from the Microsoft Store.

The app is surprisingly UWP rather than Electron, which means it starts up really quickly. The app also has the latest Mica transparency effects, which allows your wallpaper to appear in your app and has been redesigned in its settings. It is important to note that it is now also able to receive notifications when closed, unlike the current version.

It also has a number of new features, such as the ability to easily create and send a design from a doodle panel.

The new settings include:

  • General: for the moment it is possible to configure the start of WhatsApp by turning on the PC and disconnecting from your account;
  • Account: here you can manage your privacy (blue check, who can see our profile picture, etc.) and your security (end-to-end calls);
  • Chat: in the chat section you can archive all chats with one click, delete all chats or empty conversations;
  • Notifications: in the notifications section, you can customize the sound of notifications (messages and groups);
  • Memory: you can select the content to download (or not download) automatically;
  • Help: Here you can see the WhatsApp version and other useful links.

ALumia hasn’t shared the app’s executable, but chances are we won’t have to wait too long for the app to be available.



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