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Disinformation and disinformation; a daily occurrence on the Internet. Jenny Romano and Pedro Henriques from Portugal were fed up. Their concerns led them to found The Newsroom in 2020. Jenny Romano tells us about it.

What is the press room?

“We fight against disinformation and disinformation on the Internet and promote plurality. By plurality we mean different perspectives, balanced viewpoints and transparency. Algorithms – from the internet and your social media – often show you sources that already match your worldview. Or what you’ve already read. We have developed AI technology that verifies the reliability of the news source, provides context to an article, and general information about the news you read. We want to move away from the rapid consumption of information and add more depth. “

How did you get the idea?

“Pedro and I were concerned about how people turn on each other for the way they consume information. The debates often degenerated into heated discussions. We have discussed in endless round tables how technology could be used for good to help solve this problem. We believe The Newsroom can help. Pedro worked for LinkedIn and has a background in data science, I worked at Google in sales. We quit our jobs to be able to devote ourselves fully to this.

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What challenges has The Newsroom encountered or expected to meet?

“We are a small team of only two people. We are working together to build a healthy business. The weather in particular is a challenge right now. The emphasis is constantly on prioritization and agility. This means that we have to think and act quickly while not losing sight of the big picture. It is sometimes difficult, but also fun and educational.

What does The Newsroom’s future look like?

“I hope that in five years we will be a strong company that users have great confidence in. And that through collaborations with news organizations and other journalism companies, we can gradually reshape the news industry. We want sustainable journalism with fewer baited stories and tinged news feeds. We also want to actively engage news consumers by listening to their feedback so that we can optimize our AI technology. Most importantly, we want to give readers the tools to start thinking critically about the information they consume. “

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