Play crossword puzzles on the Linux desktop with this brand new GNOME app


I suck at word games.

Scrabble, spelling and crosswords are definitely not my cup of tea.

But I know people who are crazy about these games. People who like to spend their tea time solving crossword puzzles.

You’ll love this new GNOME app if you’re one of those crossword puzzlers.

Crosswords: GNOME application to solve crosswords

As reported by LWN, longtime GNOME contributor Jonathan Blandford is developing a new crossword puzzle for Linux users. It’s called Crosswords, no surprises there.

There are some puzzles provided by the game. Besides that, you can download and play puzzles from popular media like Atlantic, Guardian, etc. You can also open .ipuz and .puz files to play puzzles you have downloaded or created.

crossword interface

When you choose puzzles from a media, Crosswords downloads the current day’s puzzle.

daily crossword game
The Atlantic Crossword

Although there is no option to download past days’ puzzles, your downloaded puzzles are saved in-game and you can revisit them at any time.

downloaded crossword puzzles
Uploaded puzzles are saved for each outlet

So all you have to do is download the crossword daily. You can visit them later if you don’t have time to play them on the same day.

Note that puzzles cannot be downloaded for all outlets. It showed me an error when I tried to download from The New Yorker.

problem downloading crossword from new yorker
Crosswords may not be able to download puzzles all the time

If you get stuck, you can take hints or show incorrect guesses. There ? in the top menu gives you some options in this regard.

Advice is also available

Your games are saved automatically. You can close the game and resume it whenever you have time.

Sound promising? Let’s see how you can install it in your Linux distribution.

Install crosswords

The application is under development and you may notice some issues. For some reason, the app interface prefers portrait mode. When I resized the app window, hitting the back button to select another puzzle caused the interface to switch to vertical portrait mode.

If you can overcome this boredom, you can enjoy Crosswords.

It is available in Flatpak packaging format. If your distro has Flatpak support enabled, you can install it using the following commands.

First add the Flathub repository.

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Install the package now.

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Crosswords
crossword installed linux

Once installed, you can search for the game in the menu and start it.

linux crossword game

Deletion of crosswords

If you don’t like Crosswords, you can remove it from your system using the following command:

flatpak uninstall org.gnome.Crosswords

Press Y when prompted to confirm.

uninstall crossword
Deletion of crosswords


There are many puzzle and board games available for Linux users. Wordle, 2048, Sudoku, Mahjong or even the classic Solitaire game are there for you when you want to waste time exercising your brain.

Small games like these don’t require heavy graphics and system resources. It’s good to see one more addition to the list of these games.

If you give Crosswords a try, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.


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