Pollywood: Chaupal OTT’s First Female-Centric Web Series Shahi Majra Exposes Social Constructs


Released on Friday, August 12 on the Chaupal OTT platform, Shahi Majra is a Punjabi-language web series comprised of eight episodes that shed light on the intersectionality of rural and urban social constructions, gender, dependency, pride, power , etc. called modern society.

Written by Raju Verma and directed by Prem Singh Sidhu, the web series features actors such as Ninja, Nikeet Dhillon, Sawan Rupowali, Honey Mattu, Sanju Solanki, Anita Shabdeesh, Sagar Sharma, Divjot Kaur, Anchal Rana, Taniya Mahajan and Arvinder Kaur .

Shahi Mjra is a thought-provoking web series that features the unfortunate journey of some students who migrate from villages and towns to bigger cities for education, but end up losing the meaning and purpose of life. It allows individuals, especially young people, to have greater clarity about social realities and forces them to reflect on their position.

In this Chaupal original, the character of the protagonist Nikeet was portrayed to present the adversities that women face, tearing them away from their innocence.

Shahi Majra also features a side story of a character, played by Sawan Rupowali, who is strong and dedicated but has her share of difficulties in her journey.

With twists, murder mystery and suspense, Shahi Majra is also a complete performer. This must-watch web series will help raise awareness about the importance of women’s safety and education.


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