Secretum Messenger on Solana – Whatsapp Killer



Messaging apps are ubiquitous – over 3.6 billion people around the world use them, with the average person sending up 72 posts every 24 hours. Every day, WhatsApp alone channels more 100 billion messages, while WeChat transmits 205 million video messages.

With this popularity came a darker side: that of hacked personal data, cybervol, and the government privacy violations. The way messaging apps are designed, operated, and managed exposes them to many risks by default:

  • Most messaging applications require the user to enter sensitive personal data, including name, phone number and date of birth.
  • WhatsApp, due to its database of user phone numbers, has been used to spreading false information and false news.
  • Your email data is stored in the cloud, where it is not encrypted – leaving it vulnerable to hacking.
  • Many apps use your personal data for their own purposes. Facebook is known to share data from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp users with advertisers..
  • Global surveillance operations of citizens with WhatsApp accounts have been undertaken by governments through spyware use.

A recent series of high profile events have highlighted the scale and frequency of the problem:

Additionally, newer messaging platforms do not solve the problem effectively. Signal, considered as a superior alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram, still uses cloud-based architecture and allow messages to non-users who are unencrypted.

Rather, a real and viable solution can be found in the power of Blockchain technology. A team of Lithuanian communication technology experts recently developed a solution that specifically eliminates all the problems of global messaging platforms. This solution is called Secretum.

Secretum is the world’s first and only decentralized encrypted messaging app, built on the Solana Block chain. It offers users a direct, secure and hassle-free messaging platform built around major technological advantages:

  • No servers, no moderators and full end-to-end encryption for all messages between users.
  • No message data or file storage in a centralized location or in the cloud – only on trusted and independently verified nodes in the Secretum network.
  • Users can register exclusively with their crypto wallet addresses. No need to share names, dates of birth or any other sensitive data – in other words, complete anonymity.

In addition to these benefits as a messaging app, Secretum allows users to trade fungible and non-fungible P2P crypto assets profitably, bypassing existing exchanges. Solana, considered the fastest Blockchain in the world, allows Secretum to take advantage of low gasoline costs and high block speeds, joining a successful crypto ecosystem with over 400 projects worldwide.

The result is an app that drastically changes the way people communicate through instant messaging, making it safer, more reliable and more user-friendly than ever. Secretum has the potential to become a world famous, renowned and used platform, reaching the ubiquity of WhatsApp or Telegram, without any of their major weaknesses.



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