Social media communication apps may soon be regulated by DoT: report


Social media apps for communication, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, may soon be regulated by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), given “misuse” and security concerns.

The DoT is likely to consult with the Departments of Electronics and Computing and Information and Broadcasting on this matter. It will also seek advice from telecommunications regulators, according to a report by Economic times.

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“Regulation of apps is now necessary because technology has evolved to such an extent that their misuse can be disastrous for the country. Currently, we don’t have a mechanism to control or stop something that is wreaking havoc on apps. social media. We should be able to monitor and analyze in real time, so misinformation or other things can be stopped,” a senior DoT official told the publication.

DH was unable to independently verify the report.

The dispute between the government and WhatsApp over its end-to-end encryption policy has been going on for some time. While the intermediate rules prescribe that apps must provide information requested by law enforcement, apps have expressed their inability to do so citing the privacy of individuals.


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