Spotware Systems updates cTrader Desktop to version 4.2


Spotware Systems, a technology provider for the electronic trading industry, has released an updated version of its cTrader Desktop, which adds new features to join a list of advanced trading capabilities.

cTrader Desktop 4.2 enhances the experience of traders with one of the largest selections of technical enhancements in several years, according to a company release.

Largely focused on developers in the cTrader ecosystem, the update ensures speed in general performance after migrating the terminal to the latest. NET6 ​​version. But while updates spice up the desktop version with some of the most wanted additions, cTrader retains the old NET4 framework for backward compatibility with all existing cBots and indicators.

In this release of cTrader Desktop 4.2, the company has made further improvements in performance optimization that builds on the recently revised user interface that was applied in the beta version. Among other features, cTrader has changed the way an algo file is built by removing any dependency on the cTrader application for the build process.

Significant changes have been made to the structure of the application and its interaction with .NET build tools, giving users the flexibility to use any IDE to work on their algos. Moreover, the upgraded version references other NuGet libraries to integrate their algorithm with .NET products and to compile cBots and indicators using “dotnet build” command and even write code and compile it on Linux or Mac.

“cTrader Desktop 4.2 is packed with major enhancements for developers in the cTrader community. This is one of the most developer-focused updates cTrader Desktop has seen in many years, and it once again proves more than at cTrader, we focus on the needs of all members of our community,” says Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware.

“Besides moving to .NET6 and changing the way algo files are now created, which opens up a lot more opportunities for developers, there’s also the improved intellisense with support for C# 10, a new installer and updater for cTrader, improvements for backtesting and optimization, debugging support, new compiler settings, improved automation logs and much more”, a- he added.

These new features fit securely within Spotware’s goal of maintaining cTrader as one of the most trader-friendly platforms on the market. The company claims that adding such preferences allows their traders to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.

Spotware recently launched an updated web version of its flagship cTrader web platform. The technology provider said “significant changes” have been made to the structure of the application and its interaction with servers.

FinanceFeeds Spotware Systems last reported last month when the company appointed Andreas Masouras as Director of Business Development. Masouras joins the company after spending 8 years in various sales roles. He comes to Spotware after a short stint at Tools for Brokers, a software developer for FX brokers, where he spent 18 months as sales manager.


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