Stellar Metaverse Gaming Development for Web 3.0


It’s the thrill of web 3.0 and Metaverse Development CompanyAntier Solutions is leading the actualization of these “unreal” products.

With metaverse gaming, the blockchain conglomerate is leading the entertainment industry to achieve sustainability and relevance in the user-driven era of Web 3.0.

The passage from Antier to create blockchain apps is a renowned case study. It includes decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, DEXs, asset tokenization, and custom blockchain for various industries.

The blockchain development company built its first PoC on Ethereum in 2016. Today it is solid with proven expertise in over 20 blockchain networks.

What Makes Metaverse Gaming So Important

Game development is a competitive industry and caters to millions of global users.

Thanks to the progressive accessibility of the Internet over the years, gamers have been able to play online games without having to invest in or manage complex infrastructure.

Antier Solutions CEO, Vikram R Singh, explains, “What the metaverse is doing here is injecting an immersive experience where the player can now step into the virtual world and monetize digital assets such as weapons, character superpowers, etc. name a few.

“Blockchain is key to building a borderless financial module for peer-to-peer processing. This is key to attracting massive participation.”

This means that a metaverse development company should bring expertise in blockchain, games, and virtual reality. Antier is the right person here.

Antier: Mastering the Metaverse Game Development Equation

Antier follows a careful process to create metaverse games. It covers 3D modeling, texturing design models, prototyping game engines, rigging and environment setups, and finally scripting and programming.

Then, by integrating DeFi protocols enabling MetaFi involves smart contracts (Solidity), development and tokenization of layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain.

While most companies lack at least one of these skills, Antier has mastered the metaverse equation by integrating all the elements with finesse.

Their portfolio of metaverse games extends, but is not limited to, Assassin games, adventure, fantasy, board games and more.

Partner with top game developers

The strength of the Antier team has increased by 200% over the past year. Besides blockchain consultants, these include game artists, Unity Engine 3D developers, Photon Voice Services consultants, C# developers, and more.

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