Telegram Desktop for Windows 10 updated with many new useful features



The privacy-focused messaging app, Telegram Desktop for Windows 10, has received an update. By bringing the app to version 1.9.7., The update brings a lot of useful new features, which will make things much easier.

Talking about the new features, you will be able to create three new types of polls and will be able to see who voted in the polls with visible results. You will also be able to create quizzes using bots like @QuizBot. There are also a lot of other important new features. You can check out the official changelog below for a list of new features available in this update.

Change log

  • Create three new types of polls.
  • See who voted in the polls with visible results.
  • Vote for more options in polls that allow multiple responses.
  • Try to guess the correct answer in the polls in quiz mode.
  • Explore different combinations of survey options.
  • Add polls from the ‘…’ menu in any group or channel.
  • Use bots like @QuizBot to create quizzes with different questions and multimedia attachments.
  • Schedule messages to send when the recipient is online (only works if you know their online status).

You can download and install Telegram Desktop app on your Windows 10 PC from this link, or you can visit the Microsoft Store and search for the app.

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