Telegram Desktop Update Adds Custom Design Adjustments and Themes (Update)



Telegram offers several ways to access its encrypted messaging service on laptops and PCs: there’s the simplified web version, a Mac offering, and the full desktop app. Now, thanks to a large update, the desktop version is ready to replace its counterparts.

The redesign brings consistent material design, new animations, and custom themes (following their introduction on iOS). The latter lets you sprinkle color on your messaging bubbles – much like the web version of Messenger – and include a third-party night mode for your convos after dark.

As frequent users know, Telegram offers server-to-client encrypted messaging and end-to-end encrypted private chats. Existing features of the desktop app include syncing messages from the mobile app and the ability to switch between entering chats on your phone and desktop. Plus, you can send the usual barrage of attachments, including photos, documents, and videos.

How Telegram finds the time to implement these updates between all the feuds it makes with oppressive foreign regimes is anyone’s guess – recent aggressors include Iran and Afghanistan.

Update: This article was written in error based on a blog post from a year ago. We left the text intact, but none of the updates mentioned here are new. We apologize for the mistake.

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