Telegram Messenger Crosses Billion Installs Milestone on Google Play Store, Thanks to Recent Facebook / Digital Information World Outages


Telegram is a popular app that provides users with video calls, voice calls, file sharing, chats, and several other services. It was founded by entrepreneur Pavel Durov.

Facebook’s servers recently caused a lot of trouble and stress to its family of apps, which affected its number of active users and for this reason, many active Facebook users have abandoned Facebook and are switched to Telegram. Facebook servers were really tough on its users and at one point they went down, at one point at a high level, and again at a really very low point, the disruption of Facebook’s servers didn’t just affect Facebook, but along with Facebook, they also affected Instagram and WhatsApp, obviously these apps are of major utility in everyday life and any problem literally affecting most of the population, it has become one of the main reasons people turn to Telegram because it was the only sufficient option left.

This reason is valid but yet user loyalty should have come first, however, we still cannot ignore the fact that when something gets slow or problematic we immediately want a backup for it, this is the summary of everything. the situation that occurred with Facebook.

But it was all really good for the Telegram app as in a short time it was able to reach a solid number of active users. Not only that, but the app has managed to cross 1 billion installs in Google Play Store.

Telegram was able to reach a large number of new installs and 70 million new users due to the recent Facebook disruption. And, just this week, the app took a new step on Google Play Store, which is a 1,000,000,000 as well as downloads to Android devices.

This change to Telegram was truly unexpected as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are very large-scale social media apps with the highest number of users and high number of daily uses, however, it was not impossible. Whether it is advertising, usage, activity, popularity, it all depends on the users, users control the success and downfall of each application. A small disruption on any platform is directly proportional to the loss of users and to avoid such situations, Facebook is now taking action and preparing to provide users with a smooth application without any difficulty.

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