Telegram Messenger Finally Gets Video Calling Support



WhatsApp rival Telegram has announced the launch of the video calling feature in all of its desktop and mobile apps and the feature is already rolling out in the latest beta.

Currently available in Telegram’s beta, the feature will officially arrive with version 7.0 of the app.

“You can start a video call from your contact’s profile page and turn video on or off at any time during voice calls,” the company said in a statement Friday.

Like all other video content on Telegram, video calls support picture-in-picture mode, “allowing you to scroll through chats and multitask while maintaining eye contact.”

As with voice calls, all video calls in Telegram are end-to-end encrypted.

The application will display four emoji on the screen for the user and the interlocutor. If both have the same four emoji, the call is encrypted.

In addition, Telegram has also added more animated emoji options for commonly used emoji. If you type any of these emoji in chat, a larger animated version will appear instead.

Previously, Telegram rolled out a substantial update, adding profile videos as well as improved nearby people features, unlimited file sharing with up to 2GB per file and more.



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