Telegram Messenger Launches Voice Chat For Groups, To Introduce Premium Features Next Year, Telecom News, ET Telecom



NEW DELHI: Telegram released the 12th major update of the year on Thursday, including voice chat for Telegram groups, SD card storage settings, and new UI animations for the Android app, as well as a new multimedia editor.

The voice chat feature will allow any Telegram group to be converted into a voice chat room and will come with a voice chat overlay so that users can send SMS and voice chats simultaneously.

Telegram Desktop and native macOS app users can choose a push-to-talk key for voice chats, so they can control their mic even when the app isn’t running in the foreground.

In terms of app enhancements, users will now be able to free up internal storage by moving app data to SD card with new animations for message buttons, chat folders, among others for the Android app. .

Android users will now be able to edit a photo they have already sent to add effects, designs or stickers with the media editor. Likewise, iOS users can tap the pen button to quickly edit and resend a photo they’ve received.

IOS users will also be able to use the Siri voice assistant to read incoming Telegram messages through their headphones.

Telegram will also launch a public bugs and suggestions platform for users to suggest new features and report bugs.

Going forward, the messaging app looks to revamp its monetization strategies as its global user base approaches the 500 million mark.

Pavel Durov, founder of the cloud messaging app, said Telegram will offer new premium features for a fee for business and power users, while regular users will be able to enjoy Telegram for free.

Telegram will also present its own advertising platform for public channels. However, private one-on-one chats or group chats will remain ad-free.



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