Telegram Messenger Says Supporting Countries Around The World To Spread Critical Information About Covid-19, Telecom News, ET Telecom



New Delhi: Cloud-based Telegram Messenger said today that it is disseminating crucial information regarding the Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic with the aim of serving citizens around the world.

The instant messaging giant said it has worked with respective health ministries and governments in various countries.

Telegram said it has allowed dedicated channels that appear to be the best performers for all coronavirus-related keywords to disseminate factual information and curb the flow of fake news,

Currently, Telegram has supported and helped create the official verified channels in countries such as India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Telegram said that in order to distinguish between trusted and authenticated sources of fake “proactively” generated news channels, it has incorporated an @verifybot into its verification process to streamline channel verification.

“Channels just need to follow a few basic guidelines to get a verification badge for their official channel, group or bot,” Telegram added.

Additionally, the instant messaging app sends individual notifications to its users inviting them to join official verified channels collaborated by the government to get real-time updates and relevant information on Covid-19.

Telegram’s move comes following WhatsApp’s announcement that it will start limiting frequently forwarded messages to one chat at a time. The limit takes effect after a message has already been forwarded 5 or more times.

WhatsApp said this feature was introduced to curb the spread of disinformation amid the Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic.



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