Telegram web domain blocked on Jio and Hathway



After reporting the blocking of Reddit and, it appears that Telegram Web ( has been blocked in several states on Jio and Hathway connections, according to user reports to MediaNama. Neither service provider has yet clarified the reasons for the block, nor cited an order from the Department of Telecommunications asking them to block it.

Currently Telegram Web is inaccessible on:

  • CSP – Jio, Andhra Pradesh
  • CSP – Jio, Maharashtra
  • CSP – Jio, New Delhi Another user reported Telegram web blocked in Jio New Delhi
  • FAI – Hathway, Chennai

The site is accessible on:

  • CSP – Airtel, New Delhi
  • FAI – Spectra, Delhi RCN
  • FAI – Excitel, New Delhi
  • FAI – ACT Fibernet New Delhi
  • CSP – Jio, Mumbai
  • CSP – Vodafone, Mumbai
  • CSP – Airtel, Mumbai
  • ISP – Hathway Mumbai
  • FAI – JioGigaFiber, Mumbai
  • CSP – Idea Cellular, Maharashtra
  • FAI – Hathway Karnataka
  • CSP – Airtel, Karnataka
  • CSP – BSNL, Goa
  • CSP – Jio, Chennai
  • CSP – Vodafone, Assam

Please check if works on your internet connection and email me at or tweet me @trishajalan.

Site inaccessible

Several reports from Telegram Web blocked for a month

About a month ago, a participatory report from the Internet Freedom Foundation found that the Telegram web domain and its subdomains (like,, etc.) were blocked on Jio, Airtel, and Hathway. User reports came from across the country including Delhi, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Telangana, Goa, West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana.

Reddit and blocked

We reported earlier this month that Reddit has been blocked by several mobile service providers in certain circles of Jio and Vodafone, and by ISPs like You Broadband and JioFiber, without specifying the reason for the block. Users later reported that the site was live on multiple service providers.

Last week, the website was blocked on multiple Jio connections in several circles, Jio cited a government order that ordered the ban. However, later became accessible on Jio.



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