Telegram Web: Telegram Launches New Bundled Features



The cross-platform messaging app Telegram announced on Thursday that it launched new bundled features for users in its latest update. Features like search filters, channel comments, anonymous group admins and a few more will now be available to users, the platform said.

Telegram said that this is to enable group and channel admins to make their forums “interactive” and “more secure” than before, these features will help manage shared content easily.

The Search Filter feature introduced on the platform allowing users to search for specific messages shared from the past has been categorized into six different tabs. These include chats, media, links, files, music, and voicemail messages. Telegram said users can now search for any specific message relating to a particular time period, person, group, channel or bot and the app will add a filter by message source.

In the current update, Telegram also launched a new feature called Channel Comments by adding a comment button to posts on channels with newsgroups. Telegram said comments may be restricted by administrators.

This feature can only be applied to channels where a separate newsgroup is linked within the channel. Users are taken to a separate group where they can view and respond to comments from their colleagues.

Telegram has also included a feature called Anonymous Group Administrators. This feature could make the identity of any administrator anonymous in a group and all messages sent by group administrators will be reflected in the group name itself. This feature is already applicable to Telegram channels and now also available for groups.


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Some animated pop-ups have been added for Android users where they can see new animation while deleting messages, recording media or changing notifications. Telegram has added more animated emojis to its platform that users can share with their contacts.



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