Telegram Web Z and Telegram Web K: differences between the two mysterious versions


Telegram Web K and Telegram Web Z are two new versions of Telegram Web which emerged as an alternative to Old (or Legacy), although it can still be used. How are they different from each other? Can you go from K to Z or vice versa? We will answer these questions and other doubts you may have.

Why two versions?

The company says it believes in internal competition and that these two new versions of Telegram Web are entrusted to two independent development teams. Bearing in mind that both versions are preliminary pending a definitive web version that has no type of restriction with respect to the mobile application, Pável Dúrov’s company encourages competition between the two teams and the best of each will come out on top and come to a final version.

Telegram Web

Why are there two versions? Because we believe in internal competition. Both new apps work on both desktop and mobile devices. »

These two versions were released in April 2021 and have since remained in the courier company’s catalog of solutions, within the “Web browser applications” section. These two applications offer the user a wide variety of functions. They include support for animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, among others.

Differences between K and Z telegrams

First, of course, the path. The K version is available at and the Z version is available at We could say that the Z version must be the one they internally consider the best or the most stable at the moment, because if we just access the web client, plain and simple, it will take us to the version which has more functions implemented and fixed more bugs. You can switch from one to the other without problem, simply by logging in. However, you cannot have two versions open at the same time.

telegram website

telegram website

If we examine the possibilities of group chat, for example, we will see the first differences. The Web Z version has functions such as list of deleted users, modify administrator privileges, transfer group ownership or manage the list of deleted users. Meanwhile, Web K allows adding users to groups.

One of Telegram’s main advantages over WhatsApp, the chains, they also have subtle differences between the versions. The Web K version lacks features such as pinning conversations, changing admin permissions, or changing message signatures. This way, Web Z wins, even if both Invite with New Links Version, Transfer Channel Ownership, or Add New Admins are missing.

In reference to chat interface and attachments, Telegram Web Z will show a new message floating button, while the K version fixed it. If we click on a chat or channel, in Z the information of said user or channel will be displayed in the right margin, while in K we will have to consult the details by hand. Telegram Web K has an improved media player option or the ability to view voice notes in the media we sent or select multiple messages to copy. For its part, Web Z has the possibility of zooming in on the photos you have sent or received.

As for stickers and emoticons, Telegram Web Z is able to display the original sender when we forward it and also allows us to view and edit favorite stickers. On the other hand, Web K allows us to configure emoji suggestions.


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