The 3 Best Web Browsers for Gamers


There are many excellent web browsers available today. Although all browsers offer similar functionality, you will need a browser that ticks all your preferences. Some users prefer a lightweight browser that won’t clutter an older PC, while others prefer a versatile browser with powerful features.

Gamers always want a gaming web browser that complements their gaming setup and ticks all the right boxes regarding speed, memory consumption, features, add-ons, privacy, and more. If you’re a gamer looking for your ideal web browser, read on to find out which browser is right for you.

1. Opera GX

The Opera GX is more than just a web browser; Opera has dedicated itself to creating a phenomenal Chromium-based gaming browser that offers more features than many popular web browsers today. It is compatible with Windows and macOS and is easy to install.

Opera GX is amazing and has a phenomenal user interface that surpasses Google Chrome making it minimalistic. Opera offers alternate themes and a greater range of UI customizations, including different theme colors, special effects, and even built-in Razer Chroma integration.

Most importantly, Opera GX is the perfect browser for gamers thanks to built-in tools like CPU and RAM Limiter, Hot Tab Killer, Tic and Discord integrations, and more.

Through the GX Control module, you can control how much RAM and CPU power Opera GX is allowed to use, which frees up resources so you can play games without compromising graphics. If Opera GX consumes too much memory, you can use the Hot Tab Killer to reduce tabs consuming too much system resources.

The Opera developers understand that gamers primarily use Twitch and Discord, so they’ve integrated the two directly into the sidebar. You can also integrate Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger into the sidebar with just one click.

Opera GX doesn’t compromise your privacy either, and it comes with a built-in VPN. Plus, you can block third-party ads and trackers quite easily.

Overall, Opera GX is a powerhouse for gamers; it’s fast, packed with amazing features, and has a stunning and highly customizable user interface.

To download: Opera GX (Free)

2. Courageous

Brave is a lightweight, privacy-focused web browser built on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. Although it is not a dedicated gaming browser, it is fast and has several unique features.

A lightweight browser that does not compromise on performance can benefit gamers who want to get the best gaming experience from a simple gaming setup. Brave completely blocks ads and gives you control over the ads you see, and you can even get paid in their native cryptocurrency.

Additionally, Brave includes other privacy features such as a cookie blocker, third-party tracking protection, and fully anonymous routing through Tor. These privacy features also make the browser lightweight, freeing up computing resources for an enhanced gaming experience.

To download: Brave (Free)


Vivaldi is a super customizable and privacy-focused web browser that can double as a gaming browser, giving you a truly unique experience. It doesn’t starve for your RAM and CPU power, allowing you to browse the web and experience high-quality games simultaneously.

Vivaldi has many intuitive features that improve productivity and your overall browsing experience. You can customize different aspects of the user interface to brighten up your experience. It also offers advanced mouse and keyboard shortcuts to quickly access your favorite features.

Vivaldi offers you three different modes (Essentials, Classic or Fully Loaded) and adapts your web browser to your lifestyle. You can also use the split-screen feature or the tab tree to be more productive and control your browsing experience.

Moreover, Vivaldi is also amazing in terms of privacy and performance. So, if you are looking for a highly customizable web browser for gaming, you should consider going with Vivaldi.

To download: Vivaldi (Free)

Is Opera GX the best gaming browser?

Opera GX is an amazing gaming browser and is quite possibly the ideal gaming web browser. It’s fast, sleek, customizable, has all the right features, and integrates Twitch and Discord right into its UI. Opera GX offers a solid solution and plenty of features that gamers will love.


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