The first predictions of web design trends for 2022



2022 is fast approaching. And, since there has never been a more critical time for good web design, professionals in the field need to prepare to align their practices with the trends that are expected to dominate the web next year.

Web design is becoming more critical than ever for businesses and consumers. Design has always been the language of expression for the brand, even before the internet and websites were so prevalent. But, today web designs are at the core of all brands’ online presence. And, with nearly 4.66 billion active Internet users worldwide (59.5% of the world’s population and over 1.86 billion websites online, designing interfaces has never been more crucial. that follow ever-changing trends.

Now the data suggests that 75% of a website’s credibility comes from its design. So, brands need to adapt and embrace these changes and integrate them perfectly into their online presence, especially after the turbulent events of 2020 and 2021 that have likely affected every business.

That being said, let’s see what are the early predictions of what 2022 has in store for web design trends!

Dark theme part of the page decoration

Dark mode is a web design trend that started in 2019, so it’s nothing new. It has also retained its relevance in 2020 and 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022 as well.

Big brands like Apple, Hublot, YouTube, Telegram, and recently Google are already using it. And, it is expected that in 2022 brands will continue to integrate it into the decoration of their pages.

Now the thing with the dark fashion trend is that it has two good reasons for being so popular. As the web design experts at explain, “Dark mode is user-friendly, protects the user’s eyes when looking on screens, and allows brands to have a clean, chic and elegant design.” .

For web designers, this trend means they can create accent color highlighting due to contrast, provide economical power consumption, extend screen life simultaneously, and allow consumers to ” get content at a low light level.

Joy and optimism

After nearly two years of a global pandemic, lockdown restrictions, confusion, fear, and a host of other negative things, it’s refreshing to see that web designs in 2022 are bound to bring joy and optimism into our lives. .

Visual optimism in web design is expected to make a very fun statement in 2022. From bold colors and cheerful features, weird typography, lots of positive and cheerful messages, and nice interactivity on the interfaces, these are expected to bring joy in our lives. .

But don’t you think we are back in the days of crowded online spaces with complex colors that are hard on the eyes and a lot of content on the same page. No! in 2022, we expect to see a trend towards colorful minimalism where simple designs and bright colors go hand in hand to bring positive vibes to users.

Mindful website design

During the lockdown, most people went through the same thing: they became more attentive. We were locked inside our homes, which greatly simplified our personal worlds, making life simpler, smaller, and quieter. Web designers want to reflect some of these sentiments in their designs in 2022.

We expect a return to clean designs that stay simple and use a lot of white space to let content and users breathe. This is what mindful web design is.

Too much information, busy graphics and crowded and tiring online spaces are no longer on a table where the people who sit there now seek beauty in simplicity.

Fast load times and page speed

Additionally, due to the pandemic, internet users expect fast load times and page speed. And web designers are bound to deliver that to them in 2022.

With people locked in their homes, they connected. They did this to study, work, communicate with loved ones, have fun, buy goods and services, and keep up to date with the news. And, for all of these activities, they’ve surfed and surfed thousands of websites. Now their expectations for flawless website performance are higher than ever.

Now studies show that more than half of internet users expect websites to load fast, and by fast they mean no more than two seconds after clicking on a link. In 2022, that expectation is taken to the next level as people now KNOW that websites can be fast and MUST be fast for them to have great user experiences.

So, in 2022, web designers will focus more of their efforts on designing web pages and interfaces that will look good and move well.

More improved visual details

Visual content… the king of all marketing, even in web design. Internet users love visual content. It speaks more than a thousand words, it is easier to consume than a text, and more engaging. This is why visuals have always been an integral part of the online presence of all brands.

In 2022, we expect web designers to take digital visuals to the next level of improvement. With technology developing day by day and displays offering far higher resolution and detail than ever before, this is a significant opportunity for designers to use truly exceptional visuals.

The picture quality will go from HD to 4K, 4K + or even 6K and 8K. Website designers will embrace 3D design and animation, making it more interactive than ever.

Narrative visualization

Social media often gets a bad rap when it denigrates ideas, knowledge or concepts, turning them into pieces of content that don’t engage the brain and lead to misinformation and conspiracy theories. We have seen a lot of this during the almost two years of the pandemic.

But, if there’s one thing social media deserves credit for, it’s the way it allows users to interact with their content: by scrolling down. And, in 2022, web designers are going to borrow the concept and mix it with their website content. Narrative visualization, or scrollytelling as this trend is also called, will allow website visitors to read branded stories while scrolling through the website. They will often come across fun little visuals like subtle animations and interactive features, all for an enhanced experience similar to reading a beautiful printed magazine.

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