The trouble of the Fb empire to combine its applications makes me advance their use (and no, I do not need to dose my Instagram posts)


Fb regularly makes plans to inspire use of its packages so that they can more simply collect data from us, through a few channels. It can generate rejection. More simply me. The scramble that took place a few months ago when WhatsApp decided to change its terms of service as opposed to different selection packages like Telegram and Sign is one example.

While it is true that within the Union of the ecuDue to our knowledge coverage regulations, Facebook would no longer have the ability to distribute knowledge between WhatsApp and its main social community, the fact that it leaves the door open to this risk (and even the knowledge government considers that this could possibly happen) generated so much mistrust.


Fb and Instagram a growing number of

Now Instagram customers see how, if we’re a bit at a loss for words, whatever we add to Instagram Stories or Feed, it will even be shared on our profile or our Fb tales. And I, individually, do not need to do it, although they insist on it so much.

This integration between the 2 social networks is not just a matter for the public sphere. In personal communications there is already full integration between Fb Messenger and Instagram Direct, although in Genbeta we have already taught you how you can monitor who writes to you.

An engineer created an extension for us to use Facebook less and it no longer exists due to threats from the social network

There is a fairly simple explanation why we no longer need this integration. Fb and Instagram are two impartial networks. Even though they belong to the same advertising and marketing empire, for clients, each has come to a point in our life and has a special structure. Individually, on Fb I have many circles of parents, friends that I have made since I was a post-teenager and the subjects that come up so much are politics (I must say that I love politics and it does not matter to me. bother in any respect, although it bothers me to have to learn a lot of bogus data).

On Instagram, I am in touch with people I met not so long ago or people who have the same activities, although we have no idea what is different from person to person. the other. AND I use Instagram more as a hobby to learn from people who amuse me and connect with people with similar tastes and activities. Obviously over the years I have used Fb a lot less than Instagram. Like many of us have finished.

The reinvention of Fb happens because you precisely proportion what you add to Instagram

We are now seeing how Facebook has transformed into a social community for the elderly over the years. And now they’re forcing us to share our Instagram stories and feed with the opposing declining social community that’s turning out to be a patch. Isn’t this social empire capable of revamping Facebook instead of requiring with every post that we share the same content that we post on Instagram?

Instead of solving the recurring issues that we have already analyzed from Genbeta, like the cumbersome editing of an email newsletter for Facebook pages or the limitation of the ability to add video and photo of the same manner. electronic newsletter, The answer seems to be to make sure that everything we put on our Instagram also goes through Facebook..

We are in 2021 and Facebook and TikTok are also lacking very basic functions that would facilitate their use.

And it’s true that If you don’t know, your tale will finally end on every network at the same time.. As you add content to your story, on the back left you will have two small circles (as you can see in the screenshot above). it is important to click for a long time on it, and to remove the choice, marked by default, to dose it on Facebook. In addition, do not forget that Of course, after completing this step, you modify some of your story (you place a textual content, Gif, follow, filter …), the choice you have discarded will be regularly noticed and your story will be printed on each network.

Individually, when Messenger for the phone took place to allow me to simply write personal messages through a utility and no longer with the browser, as we will with the PC and as I had always done, what it did is no longer that I downloaded Messenger and still used one of the packages of this company to meet people, but I’m done talking with everyone I’ve added to Facebook. And that on many events, they don’t have my phone to rate me on WhatsApp (or other identical messaging products and services). So the end result was once download less personal information from me, because I get the right to access Facebook from my phone more efficiently, so I get a lot of messages without replying for years.

Instagram course keep making me take extra steps for easy posting, it is conceivable that each time I need to use it a lot less too.

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