The Watson Web, Mayfield Media Party and the tic-tac

Mayfield Baker (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Hello Cleveland Browns fans!

Are we done? Are we really, really done?

As Baker Mayfield introduced himself to the Carolina Panthers media yesterday, ears in Cleveland twitched, ready for any diss or reference to the checkered history of the Cleveland Browns and Mayfield here.

Us media jackals got some of what we wanted as Mayfield admitted he circled the season opener date in his calendar but was mostly saying positive things about Cleveland. For a guy who can be described in one word – “hotheaded” – Mayfield hinted but didn’t dive into any theatrics of the 2022 season’s revenge tour.

There are a lot of stories about it in the OBR Daily Newswire this fine Wednesday morning, and Fred and I will no doubt be discussing it on tonight’s OBR Weekly (7 p.m. Twitch Channel near you).

But can we continue? This summer’s dueling stories: The Fate of Mayfield and The Discipline of Deshaun Watson, have been a daily presence here on the Newswire, and I’m ready for some football. Boot camp can’t come soon enough and luckily it’s just around the corner.

A question that is becoming increasingly important is whether Watson’s discipline will be offered by Judge Sue Robinson before camp begins. Robinson does not listen to any specific timer and is not bound by the Browns’ camp schedule. She can take her time. Or not. If someone tells you they know what the suspension will be like, well, they’re kidding themselves and you. There are certainly guesses floating around as “sourced information” but, come on, the very structure of this disciplinary process is designed to keep the media in the dark for as long as possible.

Speaking of the media and Deshaun Watson, no less a character than ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a former league employee, is being criticized for the way he handled it. The Washington Post did the work on this one, but if you’re not a subscriber, there are plenty of sites aggregating what they said. I have three linked below.

And that’s all for today. No dated pop culture references, no throwback to late 1990s rants about Art Modell, none of that. Today I’m focusing on current events, and there’s enough to make today’s Newswire worthwhile.

Good surfing and good surfing!


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