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Apps are meant to make our life at least to some extent easier, so having to use any kind of app that leaves you in the least bit frustrated would be something you would be hugely annoying. All that being said and now out of the way, it’s important to note that there’s a fairly straightforward way to determine which apps frustrate users more or less regularly, and that essentially involves reading how many stressed-out reviewers do. any application might have ended up receiving.

An analysis conducted by Better visibility looked at app reviews to determine which ones users found the most frustrating due to the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially shed light on the issues within those apps, which hopefully lets fix them like as fast as possible. This analysis revealed that Snapchat is actually the most frustrating app for anyone who ends up using.

This is surprising when you consider the immense popularity of Snapchat, but the thing to keep in mind here is that while the service provided by Snapchat seems to be exactly what people tend to prefer, the app by which they can end up acquiring this service just doesn’t seem to be up to par. Instagram isn’t doing very well either, with around 83.67% of its reviews revealing some kind of user frustration that is not far from the 90.63% Snapchat seems to work with.

Many issues that users face on Snapchat stem from technical issues, everything has been considered and taken care of. The thing to note here is that these technical issues weren’t always part of the platform. Quite the contrary, they came about because Snapchat is trying to compete with TikTok, which was never going to be so easy for them to do in any meaningful way, and it could be costing them the support of their loyal customers.

Streaming apps also tend to have relatively high levels of frustration among their users, with Hulu apparently the worst offender in this regard. Hulu’s 86.16% stressed reviews mean that the vast majority of its users are currently frustrated with the way the app tends to perform, and only Spotify and Netflix, both of which scored 81.78% respectively. and 80.46% comparables, obtained more than 80% in this analysis.

The world's most stressful video streaming apps

The top performing streaming platform turned out to be YouTube as it only had 36.36% stress reviews. This is a surprisingly good performance considering that every other streaming platform had over 65% of its reviews describing some sort of functionality flaw.

Communication apps tend to do relatively well when it comes to appeasing the frustrations of users and others, with the exception of Messenger. Messenger’s 79.45% is by far the highest proportion of stress reviews that a communications app has scored, along with Telegram’s 64.99%, making it a second far in this regard. Surprisingly, the least stressful app is actually Skype, which got 20% of stress reviews.

There are a lot of areas that have to start making things better for these apps before people start to trust them. It just isn’t reasonable that these apps provide these services without optimizing things at least to some extent. A stressful experience is going to cause many users to give up on these apps because they might just think that avoiding them completely would end up being the least stressful option for everyone.

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