Top 4 Chat Apps That Offer More Than Just Text Messages



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Top 5 Chat Apps That Offer More Than Just Text Messages

In the age of social distancing, digital collaboration is the new normal in the workplace. We stay connected with our loved ones through these apps and websites. While WhatsApp has become one of the most common ways to send text messages, here are a few apps that offer more than just a chat window.

Avalon Scenes

Scenes by Avalon is a new chat app that also supports video and voice calls. While this is something every app can do, Scenes takes it a step further by adding support for groups and forum channels. It also adds a touch of other social media platforms as it allows you to be discovered and gain followers. Finally, it also brings games like chess which can be played with other people.


Telegram tends to offer more features and allows more participants in a group. It allows users to create a group with a capacity of 2 lakh participants. You can also choose to create a channel that allows even more participants. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram also supports multiple devices, which means you can use the same number on multiple smartphones, laptops, and more.


Discord is a popular application which is mainly used by gamers. However, it can also be used by regular users as it offers a plethora of features. Besides its chat window and ability to create channels, the Discord app is known for its high-quality voice chats. You can either choose to call someone via a voice call, or multiple people can enter a channel to talk to each other. It also has excellent noise cancellation.


Less of a chat app, Slack is more of a smart collaboration tool available in both desktop and mobile versions. It allows teams to send direct messages to each other as individuals or groups. You can organize conversations in different channels for specific initiatives or projects. The software also integrates with top apps like Google Docs, Box, and Dropbox for a more unified experience.

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