Top 5 NodeJS Frameworks for Web Applications in 2022 –


This blog contains the list of top Node.js frameworks dominating web development based on various factors including popularity, performance, scalability, and community support.

Node JS framework features:

  • NodeJS APIs are asynchronous. The NodeJS server moves after calling data instead of expecting APIs to return the information.
  • The code execution process of NodeJS is faster than the opposite back-end framework.
  • NodeJS operates on a single-threaded model.
  • With NodeJS framework, the developer can never face buffering issues as it transfers the information in chunks.
  • Google supports the NodeJS runtime environment.

These features explain almost everything why you should always choose NodeJS for Backend development. But, you might be confused which one to install on as there are many NodeJS frameworks available.

List of All NodeJS Frameworks for Backend Development in 2022

1. Express.J:

Express.JS was launched in 2010. If you are a beginner web developer, Express.js is one of the easiest frameworks for you as it is one of the most minimalistic and precise frameworks. Along with this, Express.js ranks first on GitHub with 46,797 Github stars.

All it requires of you may be a basic understanding of NodeJS development and your web development skills. Express.js is fast, powerful, and asynchronous.

Express JS quickly streamlines client-server requests and observable user interactions through APIs. It also helps to handle high-speed I/O operations.

2. Meteor.J:

The Meteor was launched in 2012. Meteor is perhaps an open-source framework best suited for teams that want to develop in one language as it is a full-stack NodeJS framework.

The Meteor is well equipped with many test libraries and features allowing error free client-server communication. next to that, Meteor has 41,509 Github stars.

The Meteor can be a perfectly suited framework when it comes to developing contemporary real-time applications as it enables rapid knowledge transfer between client and server. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, it is easy to use and adopt JS as it is closer to Javascript syntax compared to other JS frameworks.

3. Koa.js:

With the 28232 Github kicking off, Koa.JS ranks third on our list of Node.JS frameworks. koa.JS is dubbed because it’s next gen.

Koa.JS treats HTTP middleware in a stack-like approach, which makes it easier for web developers to build the necessary APIs.

Koa is more like express.js, so it’s easier to switch between them as needed. Koa.js helps reduce complexities during the coding phase.

best suited for real-time web applications. If you want to develop real-time chat bots like Skype, WhatsApp which need real-time updates or background process for updates, you should choose can affect major and sophisticated real-time issues because the sockets library has two parts: one for the client side that runs in the browser and another server side for NodeJS using similar APIs. There are approximately 1,75,912 live websites working with Socket.IO.

5. Nest.js

can be a framework that supports reactive object-oriented and functional programming. Nest.js is widely accustomed to developing dynamic and scalable web solutions for businesses as it is well equipped with extensive libraries.

Although Nest.js uses TypeScript as its main programming language, it is well compatible with the subset of JavaScript.

Developers can integrate Nest.js with other frameworks such as Fastify and Express effortlessly using the CLI.

6. Feathers.JS is trending for web and app developers as it provides flexibility to develop with React Native also as Node.js. It is a microservices framework as it works with multiple databases providing real-time functionality.

Feathers.Js helps web developers to decode the program in a specific and intelligible way.


These are some of the NodeJS that will help you in your web development process. These are some of the simplest NodeJS frameworks.

Besides them, there are tons of other NodeJS that you can simply use. If you can’t decide which one best suits your web development needs, you’ll contact us.

We will be very happy to create an Internet solution that will meet all our requirements. If you are looking NodeJS Development Services contact WebMobTech!


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