Top 8 Ways to Fix Delayed Notifications in Facebook Messenger


Are you missing important messages when Messenger fails to send push notifications on your Android phone? Whether it’s your friends or your family group on Messenger planning a vacation or a movie plan and you might feel left out when the app sends you the notifications for those messages quite late. Here are the best ways to fix delayed notifications in Facebook Messenger.

Although you can check Messenger often to see new messages, it is tedious and time-consuming. Instead, you can use the tricks below and start getting real-time Messenger alerts on your phone.

1. Keep Messenger Open on iPhone

This trick works for older iPhone models with 1GB to 2GB of RAM. When the device runs out of RAM, iOS pauses or closes background apps. You must keep Messenger open in the background to continue receiving instant messages. You also need to enable background app refresh for Messenger in the Settings menu.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on iPhone.

2nd step: Scroll down to Messenger.

Step 3: Enable the background app refresh toggle from the next menu.

The situation is slightly different on Android phones. We’ll take a look.

2. Lock Messenger on Android

If you use Messenger on OnePlus, Xiaomi or Vivo phones, you will need to lock the app in the background. These Android skins can sometimes be aggressive and completely kill the Messenger app in the background. You have the option to lock the app in the multitasking menu so that the system does not kill it to save battery.

Step 1: Open the multitasking menu on your Android phone.

2nd step: Long press the Messenger app icon and select Lock.

You added Messenger as an exception here and you will now receive real-time alerts.

3. Disable battery optimization

Android One UI skin on Samsung phones comes with battery optimization trick to tune app performance based on app usage. For example, if you haven’t used Messenger for a long time, battery optimization will kick in and you might get delayed notifications from the app. You need to give Messenger unrestricted access for it to work normally.

Step 1: Long press the Messenger app icon and open the app info menu.

2nd step: Tap Battery.

Step 3: Select the radio button next to Unlimited and Messenger will continue to run in the background without any issues.

4. Disable Messenger Data Saving Mode (Android)

Facebook Messenger comes with a built-in data saver mode to compress images and videos to save internet data. It may also interfere with receiving messages. Follow the steps below to turn off data saver mode in Messenger.

Step 1: Open the Facebook Messenger app on Android.

2nd step: Tap the profile picture at the top.

Step 3: Open the Data Saver menu and disable it in the next menu.

Once you’ve disabled Messenger Data Saver, leave the app open in the background (iPhone) or lock it (Android) to receive real-time updates.

5. Disable Battery Saver

If you are using your phone with battery saver mode enabled, it may impact the push notification service on your phone.


Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone (refer to step one).

2nd step: Scroll down to Battery.

Step 3: Disable low power mode.


Most Android phones come with a quick toggle to disable power saving mode. Here’s how you can use it.

Step 1: Swipe down from the top and notification center.

2nd step: Swipe down again and expand the quick toggle menu.

Step 3: Disable battery saver/power saving mode.

6. Remove Messenger from Scheduled Digest (iPhone)

When you add Messenger in the scheduled summary, you will not receive instant notifications from the app. Instead, you will only receive alerts during the set time. Follow the steps below to remove Messenger from the scheduled summary.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on iPhone and scroll down to Notifications.

2nd step: Tap Summary scheduled.

Step 3: Disable Messenger in the next menu.

7. Disable Data Saver Mode

Now that you know how to turn off data saver mode in Messenger, it’s time to turn off system-wide data saver mode on iPhone and Android.


Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2nd step: Head to the Mobile data menu.

Step 3: Select your main SIM card.

Step 4: Disable the low data mode toggle.


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android phone.

2nd step: Tap Connections or Mobile Data – the menu option may be labeled differently on your Android.

Step 3: Select Data usage.

Step 4: Disable data saver in the next menu.

8. Update Messenger

If you are using an outdated version of Messenger, you may experience bugs and delayed notifications. You will need to open the App Store or Google Play Store and update Messenger to the latest version.

Receive instant alerts from Messenger

Messenger not sending timely notifications defeats the purpose of using these IM (instant messaging) apps in the first place. What trick helped you to fix delayed notifications in Messenger? Share your findings in the comments below.


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