Twitch permanently shuts down its desktop app


Today, Twitch decided to cease development and shut down its Twitch desktop app. Full termination of the Twitch desktop application will occur on April 30, according to the announcement. If you’re using the desktop app, you’ve probably already been greeted with the following message:

Heads up! We’ve made the difficult decision to stop supporting the Twitch desktop app on April 30.

On Twitch’s official help channel, the developer noted that the move would allow them to invest time in improving and adding new ways to engage with creators and communities. Those who miss the Twitch Desktop app will be encouraged to bookmark in their browsers for easy access.

It’s true: the Twitch desktop app will be shut down on April 30.

We’ve made the difficult decision to say goodbye to the Twitch desktop app on April 30. This decision was not made lightly and came from a combination of usage and user feedback.

This move allows us to invest more in improving and adding new ways to interact with the creators and communities you care about. If you’re used to using the Twitch desktop app, we recommend tagging in your browser of choice for easy access.

Given instructions from Twitch, that means the desktop app isn’t coming back anytime soon, and those who’ve used it will need to visit the most popular game streaming website through their favorite browser, even if that causes additional memory loss. due to other open tabs.

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