Two new Telegram web apps just launched



Telegram is an essential communication solution for companies and groups. The mobile app is fun to use and has seen some updates, but the web version has been left unattended. Now, according to Droid Maze (via Android Police), we’ve learned that there are two new Telegram web apps that the company has unveiled.

The two new Telegram web apps will bring much-needed aesthetic features and updates

Telegram’s web version seems dated for some time. Not only that, but it was missing some features like the ability to make video calls and the ability to use stickers. These two new web applications are a step in the right direction. First of all, they are called Telegram WebZ and Telegram WebK.

It’s unclear whether Telegram went for two separate web apps instead of building one with all the feature upgrades. For the most part, they are identical with the exception of a few features. Features shared by both versions include Stickers, Chat Folders, and Search.

Both apps also feature cosmetic changes that make Telegram Web look more modern. The interface has a more rounded appearance and there is better use of space. There are also smooth animations.

The differences between the two versions are slight

Telegram Webz and WebK are managed by two different developers. There are subtle nuances between the two versions, but it’s clear that they both aimed to create a similar aesthetic. Both versions have the All, Chats, Channels, and Work tabs on the left with a search bar above it. On the right side there is the active conversation. Above that we see the user’s information and thumbnail. To the right of that, there is a search icon and a submenu indicated by three dots.

Some differences can be seen in the photos below. WebK has a mute option above the conversation and the search bar is all white. In the conversation, there is a long message followed by a picture below. The text bubble extends beyond the image.

As for WebZ, there is no visible mute button and the search bar is gray. The text bubble does not extend beyond the image below. The text wraps so that all the bubbles line up. Also, next to the user’s thumbnail we see a blue “verified” icon. We don’t see this on the WebK version.

These two new Telegram web apps look promising. It’s not all the sun though, as the ability to make video calls is still not present. Hopefully this feature will reach web apps in the future. Telegram is a popular platform along with Slack and Whatsapp. The company hopes that these web apps will inspire more people to join us.



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