Ukrainian criminals are selling US missiles on the dark web, pro-Russian media say – Reuters


Unverified image on social media of Javelin rocket launcher for sale suggests anti-tank weapons being sold by Ukrainians as Interpol police warn weapons sent to war zone are falling into criminal hands

A Javelin missile like this is at the center of allegations that weapons sent to Ukraine are being sold for thousands of dollars

Ukrainian crooks are whipping up US-made Javelin rocket launchers on the dark web for $30,000, according to pro-Russian media.

A screenshot on social media shows the anti-tank weapon being sold by a user in Kyiv – and it comes as Interpol, the cross-border police, have warned that many weapons sent to Ukraine will end up in criminal hands in Europe.

The photos, shared by pro-Russian ASB Military News on messaging app Telegram, cannot be independently verified.

They may be fake and part of a Russian propaganda campaign to stop the West from getting weapons to Ukraine’s defenders.

The Javelin Rocket Launcher is a “fire and forget” design, which uses heat-seeking technology to hit its target.

This screenshot appears to show a Javelin for sale on the dark web

The United States has pledged 5,000 Javelin missiles, many of which are already in use to bomb Russian tanks. The small arms were used with British NLAW missiles to help Ukrainian troops block Russian convoys threatening Kyiv in March.

Yesterday was the 100th day since the February 24 invasion – which has killed more than 20,000 civilians so far, according to Ukraine.

The conflict is causing food shortages in Africa, South America and the Middle East.

About 40% of Africa’s grain imports come from Russia and Ukraine. The head of the African Union told President Vladimir Putin yesterday that “Africans are victims of this economic crisis”.

Russian invaders continued to batter the eastern city of Severodonetsk yesterday as Ukrainian soldiers cling to bloody street battles. British intelligence said Russia had stepped up airstrikes in the Donbas region in a bid to speed up its faltering assault.

US President Joe Biden agreed to send HIMAR medium-range missile systems to Kyiv on Tuesday to help block Russia’s advance and strike artillery targets deep inside Kremlin-held territory . An additional 1,000 Javelin missiles have also been included in the new $700 million military aid package.

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