Updates to Telegram Desktop app on Windows 10 with support for over 1000 user voice chats



Popular messaging service Telegram rolled out its new voice chat feature last week and the feature is now available on Windows 10 devices that have the latest app update installed.

Telegram’s voice chat feature is quite impressive as it allows anyone to create a conference call room that can accommodate thousands of participants. Users can enter and exit these rooms at their leisure and various administration tools are available to keep things from getting too out of hand.

“Any Telegram group can now become an always-on voice chat room,” one said. Publish on the official Telegram blog reads. “Voice conversations run alongside existing text and multimedia communication, adding a live layer of ephemeral conversation to the group. They can be used as virtual office spaces for teams or as informal lounges for any community.

“While voice chats aren’t group calls, they can achieve similar goals while providing flexibility instead of old-fashioned scheduling. In larger groups, they also provide fortuitous opportunities to talk to people.

Here are the release notes for the Windows 10 app update:

  • Turn any of your group chats into a hop-on hop-off conference call.
  • Get up to several thousand participants in each voice chat.
  • Control the number of speakers with flexible administration tools.

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