US Offers Dark Web Crypto Rewards to Informants



The United States government offers cryptocurrency rewards for information leading to the arrest of people involved in terrorism.

A website called “Rewards for Justice” is being promoted by the US State Department to allow informants to submit tips and information in exchange for crypto rewards.

The new initiative offers informants up to $ 10 million with information on state-backed hackers, according to CNN. He was pushed at a recent Black Hat event in Las Vegas using an unsecured Wi-Fi network called “#Rewardsnotransoms”.

Crypto for info

According to the RFJ website, the State Department’s counterterrorism rewards program was originally established in 1984. Since then, the government has paid more than $ 150 million to more than 100 people who have provided actionable information that has put terrorists behind bars or prevent acts of international violence. terrorism in the world, he said.

The Vegas web conferencing promotional campaign was intended to target an audience that would already be familiar with cryptocurrencies and the dark web – the part of the internet that is not accessible to commercial research companies.

For the first time in the program’s history, informants could choose to receive cryptocurrency payments and contact the government with sensitive information through a secure dark web portal, the report adds. A State Department official said:

“Something on the Dark Web that allows for total anonymity and an initial level of security is probably more appropriate for these people,”

Rewards of up to $ 10 million have been offered for information leading to the capture of a number of prominent Islamist extremists, senior officials and terrorist groups.

According to William Evanina, the former U.S. national security official as director of the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center, the government’s foray into cryptocurrency is certainly the most public decision it has ever made. ‘he ever took.

“The program is evolving”

Neeraj Agrawal of the Washington Coin Center think tank said:

“We have long suspected that law enforcement was taking advantage of the properties of cryptocurrencies. It’s great to see that the administration recognizes the role cryptocurrencies can play in promoting activism. “

More cybersecurity reward offers can be expected “very soon,” according to the State Department, which added that the use of crypto is also expected to expand.

One official said that “This program is evolving,” before adding, “I think this cryptocurrency offering is something that we will use in the future for other types of rewards. It could encourage other types. sources to provide us with information that may not have wanted to come to us before. ”


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