What are these apps and why you shouldn’t download them



WhatsApp remains a popular messaging app not only in India but around the world. While the app faces stiff competition from Telegram, Signal, Discord and more, the Meta (formerly Facebook) -owned messaging platform has a much larger user base that will take even more time. time to be overcome by its competitors. However, despite its popularity, the app lacks many useful features and customizations offered by competing platforms. Therefore, many third-party developers have come up with their own modified versions of WhatsApp that offer these missing features. One of those modified apps that you may come across is WhatsApp Delta or GBWhatsApp Delta from Deltalabs Studio.

What are the WhatsApp Delta and GBWhatsApp applications

WhatsApp Delta or GBWhatsApp (can even be found as GBWhatsApp) is not available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store because both app stores prohibit publishing and downloading modified apps. However, the Google Play app store is known for its lenient approach and modified apps still pop up every now and then. In particular, you will always find applications from Deltalabs Studio on the Play Store. WhatsApp Delta or GBWhatsApp, on the other hand, is available for download through third-party app stores, and its APK file for Android smartphones is readily available on several websites. Many of these websites will feature the platform with favorable ratings and a high number of downloads.

The APK of GBWhatsApp Delta for Android is currently available on a third party site called Malavida where one can also notice some of its features on offer. These include compatibility with “all sticker apps” and automatic replies. The app also allows users to send video files up to 50MB, try out new text fonts and themes, and even remove forwarded tags in messages. The app requires the phone to be running Android 2.2 and above.

Why you shouldn’t download WhatsApp Delta and GBWhatsApp

While these apps may seem like exciting, it’s important to remember that WhatsApp doesn’t allow modified versions of its app, and it can even ban accounts permanently if users are found guilty. In an FAQ page, the company clearly states, “If you don’t upgrade to the official app after being temporarily banned, your account could be permanently banned from WhatsApp.”

Interestingly, WhatsApp has recognized WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp as “unsupported apps” and advises users to use the official app. Since the company does not support applications modified by third parties, it cannot offer the security of its files.

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