What is the most popular messenger in Ukraine: survey results



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There are a large number of couriers on the market today, each offering its own set of functions. Which is the most popular among Ukrainians? The answer to this question is given by a survey by the Kyiv International Sociological Institute.

The survey of Ukrainians was conducted in September by the method of telephone interviews on the basis of a random sample of mobile phone numbers. In total, 2002 respondents were interviewed living in all regions of Ukraine (except the Autonomous Republic of Crimea).

The most popular messenger in Ukraine

The results are quite expected:

As can be understood from the provided indicators, many Ukrainians use more than one instant messenger at the same time. In addition, 18.7% of those questioned replied that they did not use these messaging services on their smartphones at all.

The results also show that the indicators for all departments have increased this year. Viber – from 65.8% to 73.6, Facebook Messenger – from 34.9% to 42.7 and Telegram from 24.2 to 31.6%.

What is the most popular messenger in Ukraine: survey results

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It should be noted that such results are very much to be expected. Leaders are traditional and unchanging. In early 2021, a similar study was conducted by Kyivstar. According to her, Viber also took the first place.



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