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Over the years, WhatsApp has become the most attractive and widely used messaging platform. Despite strict competition from Telegram and Signal which offer much better privacy settings and do not track user navigation for ad campaigns, WhatsApp is still used by around two billion users around the world. Nonetheless, WhatsApp remains unmoved in the face of all of this and even the legal heat and has introduced updates during the year since its parent company, Facebook, was under the control of multiple governments around the world.

WhatsApp recently updated the web version with several changes to improve not only the appearance but also the technical aspects. This update is also in action on the desktop version of WhatsApp. The image sharing graphic on the Web and Desktop version of WhatsApp previously only allowed a preview of the image and the ability to write something with it. Unlike its counterpart on the mobile app, there was no functionality to edit, crop, or restructure the image. However, in a recent update, WhatsApp is rolling out a setting similar to Android’s on the web version of its product. With the new feature that just rolled out with the update, it will likely be some time before it hits everyone.

Not only has WhatsApp updated the tabs and photo editor on its desktop counterparts, the messaging giants have also rolled out major bug fixes to the mobile app. The fixes are part of WhatsApp update, according to WABI. This update appeared because the previous beta of did not allow multiple users to revert to old threads. For some users it was clearly frustrating and annoying because such a small bug shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

However, WhatsApp quickly recognized its insanity and rushed to fix the bug, with the updated version being released en masse and available to everyone across the globe.

Even so, WhatsApp faces a lot of revenue challenges, especially in light of Apple’s recent transparency update and growing user demand for encryption. WhatsApp has only looked for a solution that helps both. One such solution is homomorphic encryption which appears to be underway at Facebook and could also be implemented on WhatsApp if the situation looks feasible.

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