WhatsApp update summary: From desktop voice and video calls to disappearing photos, take a closer look at all of its new features



So far, a WhatsApp account can only be used on one device – the phone – and users can use WhatsApp Web or the Desktop app to access their messages on their computer.

WhatsApp : The WhatsApp instant messaging platform brings several new features – some that have been officially announced and others that are said to be in the works. Lots of new features have also already been introduced by the Facebook-owned platform this year itself. While many of these features appear to be the natural next step in improving the platform, it may also be that the sudden increase in platform functionality will provide a lot of functionality to users both in the process. aim to prevent them from switching to an alternative. platforms en masse, after the fear that the platform encountered earlier this year.

But whatever the reason, there are plenty of features to come. Do you find it difficult to keep up with all the new features that have been and are about to come? Financial Express Online completes all these features!

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Voice and video calls from the desktop

The first feature of WhatsApp was the ability for users to make voice and video calls from the desktop app.

Contactable group calls

WhatsApp has activated a new feature whereby a user can join a missed group call while it is in progress. Before that, if a user missed a group voice or video call, they could not easily join them. Now, however, they might see a button to join the missed group voice or video call while the call is in progress.

Endangered media

Just like the feature available on Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook has also introduced the ability to send endangered media or single view media in WhatsApp. Now, if a user sends their contact a video or photo, they can choose to make it disappear, which means the recipient will only be able to see it once. In addition, any media not viewed would be automatically removed from the chat 14 days after it was sent.

Transferring cats

In a move that is likely to be praised a lot by users, WhatsApp has started to allow the transfer of chats from Android to iOS phones. This feature, currently only available for Samsung Android phones, has been a long-standing demand because otherwise users switching from Android devices to iOS lost their WhatsApp chats during the switch. While no timeline has been given for this, WhatsApp said it is working on bringing this option to other Android phones as well.

Reactions to messages

This feature has recently made a name for itself in the digital city. Message reactions allow users to react to a message using a range of emoticons, like laugh, like / like, cry emoticons, etc., allowing them to easily communicate what they are feeling about of a message sent. This eliminates the need for long messages to reply to messages, and is also easier in case there are multiple messages talking about different topics. The feature is available on sister apps to WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram, on Twitter, and even on Apple’s iMessage. Now reports suggest the feature is being tested on WhatsApp as well.

Support for multiple devices

So far, a WhatsApp account can only be used on one device – the phone – and users can use WhatsApp Web or the Desktop app to access their messages on their computer, but for that they need their phone is charged and connected to the Internet. However, WhatsApp is now working on multi-device support that would allow users to access the same WhatsApp account from different devices without needing their phone to be connected to the network.

Disappearance mode

Extending WhatsApp’s disappear messages feature, the company is working on a disappearance mode, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed. Although the disappear messages feature is only intended for individual chats, the mode is designed as a global feature that would enable this feature on all user chats. This means that when this mode is activated, messages sent to all WhatsApp chats during this period will be automatically deleted after the programmed time has elapsed. It should be available later this year.

Duration options for messages that disappear

Right now, users only have a window or limit of seven days for messages to disappear. This means that any message sent when the disappear messages feature is activated will be deleted seven days after it is sent. However, now it has been reported that the company is working on two additional durations – 24 hours and 90 days – which users can choose from.

Chat bubbles – reimagined

A new feature that would be offered to users is the redesigned version of chat bubbles. They would have a new green color and would be bigger. It would make the text stand out. The redesign is currently being beta tested on Android and iOS.

New way to view status updates

The Status tab is the only way to view status updates on WhatsApp at the moment. But a new way is being tested, in which users could see the status update from the user’s profile picture. When they tapped on the other user’s profile picture, they got two options: either show profile picture or show status update. To indicate that a contact had posted a status update, a ring would be visible around the profile photo – much like what’s visible on Instagram in the case of Stories. This feature has not yet reached the beta testing stage.

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