WhatsApp Web: What happens if you press the Ctrl, Alt, Shift and P keys on your PC or PC?


Big surprise for users of WhatsApp Web, the most used instant messaging platform in the world, having learned that this application contains a file keyboard shortcut It gives you access to one of its most useful functions. You may not know it, but when you click a file key combination “control“,”alternative“,”Transformation‘ And ‘sThis feature is now enabled direction In the social networks. What happens when I press these buttons? We reveal it to you here.

According to Xataka, a portal specializing in technology, people who use this hotkey activate a feature called ‘define the cat, which places any conversation we have in the app at the top of the screen. Thanks to it, we will never lose a conversation with our best friends, because above all they will be marked as favorites.

According to the post, this keystroke not only corrects conversations on The WhatsApp On Top, you can also delete them so that they are not in the top places. It should be noted that this feature is enabled for all the conversations we have on our home screen, they can be group or individual.

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One of the advantages of this keyboard shortcut is that it works any browserIn other words, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or whatever else you want. However, if you have a Mac (a computer developed by Apple) you will need to make a small modification, you will need to press “poultice“,”alternative“,”Transformation‘ And ‘sInstead of ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’, ‘Shift’ and ‘P’.

These are not the only shortcuts

WhatsApp Web It contains other very important keyboard shortcuts. For example, the combination “control“,”alternative“,”Transformation‘ And ‘WLMarks a conversation as “unread”. If the buttons are pressedcontrol’,Alt ‘,Transformation’ And ‘NOT.‘, you will permanently archive the chat, i.e. it will no longer appear on the screen, even if the person (or group participants) sends you a message.

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WhatsApp Tips

How to hide the Internet?

Believe it or not, there is a file tower Secret WhatsApp, which few users know, allows you to hide “In line‘and the’writingTo your friends whom you have as a contact in the instant messaging app.

If you want to know it’s cool tower Secret The WhatsApp, which will allow you to beinvisiblePlease feel free to check the following Video, which is quickly becoming a trend in social networks, especially in Youtube.

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Bold, italics and underline

Few WhatsApp users know that Application It allows you to bold, italicize and underline certain texts, in order to highlight these messages and so the other person will know that they are important.

It should be noted that this function is accessible to all WhatsApp users, not just for whom Android, but also for whom Iphone. If you want to learn how to type in bold, italics, or underline, check out the following Video.

WhatsApp suffers from massive decline

Largest social messaging network The WhatsApp suffered on Monday October 4, 2021 The fall has left thousands of users unable to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and more. The platform which is also owned by Facebook is failing globally.

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