Whistleblower’s First Impression: Captivating Webcast About Power and Corruption


The rhythm issue has dominated some of the best shows recently – Aarya 2, The Family Man 2, Your Honor 2, and The Married Woman. All of these shows started off slowly, catching up on later episodes and providing full entertainment. The whistleblower on SonyLIV does not offer such a challenge. It goes vroum-vroom from the start, providing a tense frame that practically buzzes with pent-up energy.

Directed by Manoj Pillai, created and written by Ajay Monga, The Whistleblower describes the journey of Dr. Sanket Bhadoria (played by Ritwik Bhowmik), a final year medical student who finds himself embroiled in an admissions scam. The creators say they were inspired by “real events across India”. But as events unfold in Bhopal, it’s hard not to link it to the infamous Vyapam scam.

In a compelling performance, Ritwik plays Sanket with shrewd mischief. Director Pillai’s biggest feat here is to immerse audiences in Sanket’s mind through a voiceover that explains how they perceive each situation. Ravi Kishan credibly channels a corrupt, deceitful and uncompassionate politician. Actor Ankitta Sharma as Sanket’s girlfriend is the calm in this storm. The cast of the ensemble also performs admirably, with notable performances from Ashish Verma as a reporter, Sachin Khedekar as the dean of the medical school, and Sonali Kulkarni as a news anchor.

While the admission scam is the central theme and Dr. Sanket pushes the story forward, writer Ajay Monga makes sure to keep the plot non-linear to keep the viewer engaged. There is never a villain or a hero. Instead, multiple characters feature multiple angles to the central theme. With each episode, the plot thickens and becomes more complicated, keeping you enthralled. And, with such a compelling storyline, a 45-minute episode never hurts.

Although I have only watched the first three episodes of the series, I can say that The Whistleblower looks promising and is worth your time.


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